German CEO Excellence Awards 2024

EU Business News- German CEO Excellence Awards 2024 Most Visionary Business DecisionMaking Tech CEO 2024: Gaby Kabbert When a business partners with data-tech company Regis24 GmbH for all of its decision-making needs across the sales process, it is ensuring that it will have access to the future of the sector. CEO Gaby Kabbert and her team are confident that traditional information and scoring principles are a thing of the past, and it is a much more beneficial course of action to interpret the economic reality of consumers by consulting their data. Thus, the company’s vision of a world where data unlocks a robust connection between companies and consumers is sparking a revolution, and we speak with Gaby to find out more. Since 2003, this award-winning business has expertly combined the services of a credit bureau and data-tech company to create a one-stop-shop solution for the needs of its clients. From classic credit checks to its pioneering AI-supported fraud prevention/risk management solutions, Regis24 is the culmination of data and stateof-the-art technologies being delivered from a singular expert and trustworthy source, sound in the belief of the power that a consumer’s economic footprint has in revealing whether or not they are trustworthy. The detailed weighing of risks and opportunities undertaken by Regis24 is instrumental in helping its partner businesses to make the right decisions regarding sales, combining positive data and negative data to paint an accurate picture of a prospective customer. Thus, as Gaby explains, “it will be possible for each company to decide individually, in real time, to what extent trust is justified in the respective upcoming purchase process - for exclusively risk-free business relationships between digital companies and real people, without identity fraud [for either side].” Having been CEO since June of 2021, Gaby’s ascension through the company ranks was unprecedented, with her beginning her tenure as the business’ Head of Sales in May 2020, before being promoted to Regis24’s Head of Sales and Marketing in March 2021, prior to taking on the role of CEO a little over four months later. As for how her previous experiences resulted in her securing this position, Gaby quite simply tells us, “in my past managerial positions, both in sales and marketing, I have always paid close attention to people, and this is how I have achieved success.” Reflected further in her leadership style, whereby Gaby prioritises listening, identifying potential and nurturing it for the good of the company, as well as communicating the company’s guiding values through embodying them herself, her commitment to the people around her is clear for all to see, and serves as a crucial element of her continued successes as the leader of this fantastic organisation. Far from the first award that Gaby has won, this is in fact the third time that she has been celebrated in the German CEO Excellence Awards, further corroborating her distinction in this field. Moreover, the people-centric approach that Gaby is famed for extends beyond the company staff, with it too being prioritised when it comes to approaching a new client or project. For Gaby, “we regard every new client as a partner and always approach projects in a collaborative manner.” After all, as she continues, “only together can we be successful.” Such alliances are a necessity when it comes to managing the industry, which is in a constant state of flux as a result of the external circumstances and crises that are impacting society more broadly, such as the continued fallout of the pandemic and conflicts across the globe. Commenting further on this, Gaby tells us, “this makes it more difficult, but all the more important, to orientate oneself to the changing needs of customers at an early stage or to bring them on board as partners right from the start.” Aside from this, something else that Gaby has made a conscious effort to prioritise over the past few years has been the breaking down of many of the old, pre-existing structures that had been in place for almost two decades, replacing them with processes that are more streamlined and future proof. Efforts such as these fill a considerable amount of Gaby’s time, and as she explains when asked about what the future of her career is set to hold, “my goal is to shape the company into a market leader in the long term”, once more reinforcing her unwavering commitment to the business, its people, and its customers. On the back of such pioneering, dedicated work, it is no surprise that we are championing Regis24 GmbH’s CEO Gaby Kabbert as the Most Visionary Business Decision-Making Tech CEO 2024. Contact: Gaby Kabbert Company: Regis24 GmbH Web Address: Feb24543