German CEO Excellence Awards 2024

Jul22493 23. Jul22493 Investment firm Capacura specialises in start-ups, particularly those in the health, education, and environmental sectors, democratising investments by allowing persons to invest modest amounts, the end result being the simplification of the investment process so as to contribute proactively towards a better future for everyone. With as little as a €1000 investment, individuals can bring about significant changes in wider society, something aided by Capacura collaborating closely with both investors and start-ups to yield the most meaningful changes possible. At the heart of all this is CEO Dr. Ingo Dahm, and we catch up with Ingo to find out more about his terrific business. Leveraging a world-class education at TU Dortmund University and a professorship at the International University of Applied Sciences, when Dr. Ingo Dahm entered the corporate world, he did so by proving instrumental when it came to using a range of development tools across both academic and start-up settings, enhancing the wider technological ecosystem in the process. A strategy and business development vice-president-level role within a major telecommunications company would follow, laying the groundwork for the excellence that today defines Capacura as it focuses on early-stage investments that drive impact and innovation. Across this service, Capacura expertly integrates AI, due diligence, and a robust screening process that ensures a high standard of efficiency and accuracy. As Ingo tells us, “by utilising AI algorithms, Capacura can analyse vast amounts of data on potential start-ups, including market trends, financial performance, and the competitive landscape.” Such an approach yields greater precision, more growth potential, and a strict alignment with the business’ focus areas, something that is particularly true regarding healthcare and education. This AI is then combined with a series of no-code automation platforms, removing the need for extensive coding knowledge and resulting in a rapid implementation of these solutions. Such a fast-paced approach, bolstered by cutting-edge technology, is paramount in the industry today as impact investments are becoming the norm, with investors expecting that financial returns on their investments come hand in hand with a positive impact on society and the environment. Navigating this shift is equal parts challenging and rewarding, as while it has brought about a host of legislation changes and an increase in transparency as to how exactly one’s investments are impactful, it does lend itself to a bright future whereby some of our planet’s most pressing issues are being solved. Throughout his tenure as CEO so far, Ingo has witnessed many challenges, chief among them being the pandemic. Like so many companies, Capacura was forced to change the way that it did business, ditching its live, in-person pitches in favour of meetings on digital platforms. In the long run, such a shift actually turned out to be incredibly beneficial, and as Ingo explains, “the transition to digital and live streaming formats for pitches is now a permanent feature of our operations, providing a complementary avenue to traditional in-person meetings and expanding our capabilities to engage with a global ecosystem of startups and investors.” Whether his team are operating in-person or digitally, Ingo’s approach to leadership is much the same, with him describing this as being rooted in the timeless philosophy of, “love your people, serve your people.” On the back of this, the values that are prioritised include the likes of mutual respect, loyalty, and high performance, and to ensure that these are understood and adhered to, clear and transparent communication is paramount, with this present across the training sessions, team meetings, and one-to-ones, all of which are held regularly. This team remain united as they look towards the future, one that is set to be defined by a truly pioneering approach, enabling people to invest from just €50 per month. Ingo states, “this initiative aims to lower the barriers to entry for impact investing, making it feasible for more people to contribute to and benefit.” Of course, besides the firm, Ingo must consider his own future also, and commenting on this, he says, “my plans revolve around nurturing a team of empowered leaders who can carry the mission forward, ensuring the organisation’s continued success and impact. This approach […] enhances our collective ability to achieve our goals and make a lasting difference in the sectors we are passionate about.” As one can see, with the pioneering approaches employed by CEO Dr. Ingo Dahm to boot, Capacura is single-handedly redefining the impact investment sphere, adopting groundbreaking solutions that have a measurable bearing on all those who are seeking out impactful investment opportunities to benefit wider society. Contact: Dr. Ingo Dahm Company: Capacura Web Address: Impact Investment CEO of the Year 2024: Ingo Dahm Feb24140