German CEO Excellence Awards 2024

Aug22136 25. Best Precision Cutting Tools Company CEO 2024: Andreas Jaeppche A subsidiary of Vargus Ltd., Vargus Deutschland GmbH is an industry leader in the realm of developing, manufacturing, and supplying a range of high-quality precision tools for the metal and plastics industries, with these used for the likes of thread turning, thread milling, grooving, parting off, and deburring. Sitting atop of more than 60 years of expertise, the company’s history is filled with pioneering solutions, inclusive of the first triangular laydown threading insert and the original hand deburring system. For ten years now, Vargus Deutschland GmbH CEO Andreas Jaeppche has been a key factor in the company’s success, going from strength to strength since taking the promotion in 2020. While Vargus may have a storied heritage, it is not the sort of company that rests on its laurels, and even to this day, it is continuing to pioneer and spur on innovation in this space. This is done primarily through its three main product lines, VARDEX, which offers customers a series of advanced threading solutions; GROOVEX, technology designed to provide a range of innovative grooving and turning capabilities; and finally, SHAVIV, a product that is renowned in local industry circles thanks to its leading hand deburring abilities. Each of these products fully adheres to ISO 9001:2015, as they are manufactured in certified facilities and are distributed to a worldwide network of satisfied consumers. Since the wider Vargus umbrella stands proudly as one of the biggest privately-owned manufacturers and distributors of stainlesssteel products and general machining tools in Europe, the business’ overarching goal is to ensure that its reputation for excellent customer service and exemplary products remains intact. Thus, at the heart of the company’s ethos is a drive to provide customers with a series of wholly tailored solutions that have been crafted according to specific requirements, representing an unwavering commitment to collaborating closely with customers so as to achieve robust and mutually beneficial partnerships that are defined by success. As a representative for Vargus tells us, “the company values people at its core, believing that a company is only as good as its employees, who are characterised by honesty, openness, and personal responsibility.” This person-centred approach is something that is endorsed and embodied by its German subsidiary’s CEO Andreas Jaeppche, who leverages an innate personability and decade of experience working for the company, along with another decade excelling in the wider industry, to nurture greater success for not only the German division of the business, but also the wider parent company. When Andreas started out at Vargus Deutschland in October 2014, he did so in a leadership role, whereby he was responsible for both product management and technology, two areas that are of great interest to him even to this day. Throughout this position, the true takeaway for Andreas was the insight he was able to garner regarding the company’s day-to-day tasks and challenges, as well as further streamlining the skills he had picked up in the various positions that he had filled at many of the top tool manufacturers in the country. Remaining in this role for more than five years, it was former CEO stepping down in April 2020 that saw Andreas secure the top spot, bolstered by everybody’s support. As Vargus Deutschland GmbH’s representative explains, “Jaeppche’s career progression demonstrates how he has utilised his extensive experience to advance and lead the company. His expertise in product management and technology, coupled with his background in the cutting tool industry, has given him a solid foundation to effectively steer Vargus Deutschland’s business strategies and navigate the company through the constantly changing market dynamics.” Of course, a company’s success is defined by its entire staff, and it is for this reason that Andreas prides unity, particularly when it comes to the company’s corporate philosophy, which is doomed to remain merely on paper if it is not wholly supported by all. In essence, even after more than 60 years of operating in this space, Vargus Ltd. stands as a beacon of excellence, utilising a tremendous team and an unwavering commitment to yielding cutting-edge solutions for its customers to consistently fortify its status as an industry frontrunner. As its German entity, Vargus Deutschland GmbH, looks towards the future, its team and loyal customers alike can rest easy knowing that CEO Andreas Jaeppche is guiding the business towards continued growth and prosperity, leveraging his 20 years in the industry and terrific people skills to unite everybody under one common set of goals that is sure to result in yet another 60 years of distinction in this sphere. Contact: Andreas Jaeppche Company: Vargus Deutschland GmbH Web Address: Jan24795