German CEO Excellence Awards 2024

EU Business News- German CEO Excellence Awards 2024 Most Dedicated Sustainable Leadership Team 2024: Sabine Stein & Gabriele Renner & Award for Excellence in Innovation One of the most devastating effects of global warming is rising temperatures, which can lead to major health problems and global heat deaths. Established by Gabriele Renner and Sabine Stein, Pervormance International GmbH has developed a 3D technology with smart fibres that can be integrated into textiles for cooling apparel. Dual winners in the German CEO Excellence Awards, Gabriele and Sabine are passionate about the potential of cooling textiles and innovators of the world’s first climate-neutral textile company. Pervormance International provides a sustainable alternative to air conditioning with actively cooling functional textiles. This pioneering technology has already been used to create cooling vests, shirts, headgear, blankets, curtains, and more. With its accessible and affordable products, Pervormance International offers people and animals up to 666 watts of cooling power. By using only air and water as refrigerants, the technology saves up to 97% CO2 when compared to air conditioners. Its products are currently used by leading companies for hot workplaces, national sports teams, those suffering from health problems, and customers during hot weather. With its heat emergency kit, the business has also patented an easy-to-use kit for people in summertime when the most heat strokes, heat exhaustion, and heat cramps occur. Pervormance International is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint by using only natural electricity, upcycled fibres, and short manufacturing processes. It is the company’s mission to not only provide a sustainable alternative to air conditioners but also to create sustainable products. All products are recyclable with raw fabrics coming from European and German producers. This method of production results in decreased air travel emissions and ensures that working conditions and wages are properly regulated. Pervormance International prides itself on addressing 13 of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and strives to offset its CO2 footprint with forest conservation projects. CEO Gabriele Renner says, “The business’s development started in medical for the health of people suffering from heat because of their illness. But there are also millions of workers who suffer from heat at their workplace. Furthermore, sports athletes have heat problems and do not reach their goals due to heat stress. In the meantime, climate warming leads to heat stress in apartments or in leisure time. So more and more people need cooling. Heat problems are health problems. With our expertise in the industry and in the healthcare market, we are on a good way to serve clients’ needs on a national and international basis.” With years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Gabriele Renner established her first company in 1999, MARVECS, a provider of external service solutions for the healthcare industry. MARVECS proved successful with over 300 employees and Gabriele made her exit from the company 5 years later. Sabine Stein, CEO and Co-founder, is a sports scientist and economist with an esteemed background in HR for leading companies in the construction, pharma, and tool industries. In 2004, Gabriele and Sabine founded Pervormance, a consulting company, and later established Pervormance International to develop and sell cooling textiles. As a female-owned company, Pervormance International is passionate about equality with Gabriele and Sabine dedicated to leading democratically. The Co-founders are committed to making ethical decisions that align with the company’s vision and philosophy of fair cooperation. One of Pervormance International’s business goals is to meet the aims of the UN Global Compact and the SDGs by nurturing an ethical company that emphasises collaboration and innovation. Gabriele Renner says, “Climate warming is leading to more and more heat problems on Earth and people are suffering from heat stress. Climate adaption is necessary, and we offer a sustainable solution. Technical solutions like air conditioning systems are used all over the world which has led to over 1 Gigaton CO2 and over 8% of the electric energy worldwide. These technologies have a big lobby, and it is difficult to change people’s behaviour. But in the meantime, we are on a good way and in the end, our effective and sustainable solution will be in the lead.” Every year, Pervormance International continues to develop new products with cooling apparel now available for every body part and need. For the home textile market, the company has developed cooling curtains and blankets. Over the coming years, Pervormance International will focus on other markets with innovations such as cooling for vehicles and buildings. For over 10 years, visionaries Gabriele and Sabine have worked in partnership to develop sustainable ideas for multiple industries. Looking to the future, Pervormance International will strive to provide new and international markets with access to its groundbreaking 3D technology. Driven by their shared passion for sustainability, the CEOs have created the world’s first climate-neutral air conditioning system. For their natural solutions, Gabriele and Sabine have received two awards at this year’s German CEO Excellence Awards. Contact: Gabriele Renner & Sabine Stein Company: Pervormance International GmbH Web Address: Jan24684 Pervormance International GmbH