German CEO Excellence Awards 2024

Jul22493 27. Jul22493 Photovoltaic company and systems provider RheinBerg Solar GmbH is a market leader in its local region, planning and installing bespoke photovoltaic systems to an array of satisfied clients in the vicinity. These solar-powered offerings supply customers with power that can be used throughout their homes, workplaces, and other such buildings through photovoltaics, a system where light is converted into electricity, much like solar panel technology. A true pioneer for sustainability in this space, company CEO Nils Wessel leads the approximately 30 employees the business has as they expertly integrate this technology across the public, industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Serving as an instrumental figure since the very beginning of the company’s life, RheinBerg Solar GmbH CEO and recipient of this award, Nils Wessel, has proudly championed sustainable methods since day one, holding the enviable position that he more than deserves at the head of the table. Prioritising an approach to leadership that is equal parts determined and understanding, the business has achieved tremendous growth under Nils’ watchful eye since operations began approximately five years ago, with Nils himself playing a crucial role in nurturing these successes, particularly regarding the company’s innovative, sustainable wider corporate strategy. Operating out of the small spa town of Bad Honnef, a personal touch is afforded across Nils’ solutions, with the professional, comprehensive, and friendly advice that is provided serving as something that RheinBerg Solar GmbH’s customers are particularly impressed with. Professional installations and personal implementations thus come as standard, and Nils has expertly leveraged this unique offering and the subsequently garnered position in this space, combining it with a series of strategic and tactical plans to achieve tremendous expansion in terms of both sales and personnel. On the back of this, the brand today stands as a pioneer as a result of its advanced sustainable approaches to operations in this sector. Specialising in private homeowners and businesses alike, this team are not picky about who it is that they work with, the only requirement being that they have a suitable roof area on which to attach these terrific solutions. From here, customers will be exposed to the professionalism and systematic, innovative approach that underpins the company’s distinction when it comes to the providing of professional photovoltaic systems and PV contracting. Friendliness too radiates from this knowledgeable and dedicated team, and is something that is present across the board, from the sales team through to the highly skilled craftsmen who make these solutions a reality. Besides just RheinBerg Solar GmbH’s PV systems, which allow for independence and the ability to produce one’s own electricity, Nils also assists in driving the future of electromobility forward, something that the company and CEO achieves through the planning and installation of both electronic wall boxes and charging points for customers, offering them safe and secure access to their electrical systems’ mains supply. Moreover, thanks to the emergency power supply option, one does not have to worry about losing power during an outage, as with the correct energy storage system, like those provided by RheinBerg Solar, a customer’s most important devices can be supplied in the event of a blackout or other total power failure. Beyond just this suite of available solutions, what truly distinguishes the business in this space is its holistic, all-encompassing approach, with everything being provided from a single source. Thus, from consultation to installation, commissioning, and everything in between, Rheinberg Solar stands as the ultimate one-stop-shop solution, not only protecting the environment and championing sustainable methods, but saving a customer money in the process. When this is combined with the independence that is garnered from the market, there really is no better way for one to get their power than from a RheinBerg Solar system. A host of testimonials corroborate this, with customers saying such great things about RheinBerg Solar GmbH as, “superfriendly and smooth process. Thank you very much!”, as well as “we are completely satisfied […] very competent advice from a nice gentleman and all craftsmen were very friendly and knew exactly what they were doing. Perfect.” Reviews such as these speak volumes about the impact this business has on the lives of its customers, and as Nils Wessel continues to steer the ship in the right direction, building an established brand and an expert team, all while executing the company’s sustainable mission statement, we wish him and the rest of his workforce the best of luck for the future. Contact: Nils Wessel Company: RheinBerg Solar GmbH Web Address: Sustainable Energy Leadership Champion of the Year 2024: Nils Wessel Jan24637