Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards 13 , Best Data Analytics Consultancy 2020 The importance of data has become increasingly obvious to anyone in business, but being able to understand and use this information remains a fine art. For Dave and Helen Clarke, of Clarke Analytics Ltd, it’s an art they are all too familiar with. Supporting clients through the complex world of data analysis, they have become a true example of Irish enterprise. We profiled the firm to find out more. Feb20050 Set up in October 2016, Clarke Analytics has grown significantly over the last few years. Specialising in the area of data analytics and data science development, consulting and training, the team have managed to transform their humble start-up into an operator that has worked with a range of clients in different industries. The core of Clarke Analytics has been constant since its inception, namely helping clients to better make data-driven business decisions. This involves not only answering critical business questions, but building their organisational data analytics maturity. The services Clarke Analytics offer the market are concentrated in the early stages of data analytics use case development and help clients find the right business case for data analytics and then prove that business case with the data the client has access to. One of the key problems that their services are designed to address is the lack of general data analytics maturity across industry. The services are highly collaborative in nature. Dave and Helen work with client teams, using the latest tools and techniques so that their clients get the benefit of learning the process of data analytics development, as well at learning how to find the business value in their data. There are many things that draw people to Clarke Analytics, namely the experience of Dave Clarke in the field, but the nature of the company means that it is not only small and nimble, but straight-forward to work with. Every business transaction has honesty and integrity as its foundation, with the confidentiality guaranteed by working with a small company proving invaluable to those clients who are involved in particularly sensitive data analytics projects. Since founding, Clarke Analytics have simultaneously worked on several cutting-edge projects using a wide variety of tools and techniques to systematically apply the data science process and deliver solutions for complex business problems. Dave and Helen proactively communicate with their clients to analyse and frame their business problem, collect and process the raw data needed, analyse results, and present findings/ recommendations back to their clients. The company are primarily focused on vertical markets such as smart manufacturing, supply chain, banking, insurance, utilities, and healthcare. As time goes on, Dave and Helen Clarke have seen companies changing the way in which they operate. Digitalisation has taken the world, and these markets, by storm as businesses recognise the need to develop their overall data analytics maturity. More important to these businesses is knowing how best to take this information and leverage it to ensure that not only do they make the most of the information but that they do so in a way that is both ethical and trustworthy to customers. The ability to turn to a team like that of Clarke Analytics is immensely appealing. With this in mind, the future not only seems bright, but is incredibly positive for the company. With no need to expand hastily, the business seems set to grow naturally, based on new demand. Already, the team has the potential to expand dramatically, with up to ten additional staff taken on to help deliver new projects. This is thanks to increased demand for their Innovation Labs. Additionally, there is also an increased demand for their training services and new product developments in the area of ethical data analytics. In order to guarantee high standards, the business has already begun working towards its ISO 9001: 2015 certification. Wholly Irish owned and driven by a family team, Clarke Analytics might not be the biggest player in the data scene, but it punches well above its weight. Trusted by organisations to meet their data demands, it’s clear this is a business that is here to stay. Company: Clarke Analytics Ltd. Contact: Helen Clarke Website: