Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards , Best Inbound & Outbound Contact Centre 2020 Since its foundation in 2004, OceanConnects has provided personalised outsourcing solutions for Companies in Ireland and theUnitedKingdomwhich focus on customer service and integration. The firm’s excellent rate of Client retention, continued engagement by newClients, and 2019 Business All-Star AccreditationAward all attest to the excellence of the offerings and operations. Following its latest award-winning success, we profile the firmto learnmore about its services. Feb20297 Under the sage guidance of director Helen X Rowland, OceanConnects has become the go-to choice for companies looking to outsource in Ireland and overseas. The modus operandi of both Helen and the firm itself is based on the experience that one of the most crucial aspects of outsourcing is to have 100% confidence in the company that has been chosen to work on your behalf. It was this insight that led Helen to founding OceanConnects, and it still informs strategic planning and daily operations of the firm today. Not only does the firm meet Client’s expectations - it far exceeds them. Not only does the firm represent the brand, but it also protects the brand. Every Client and Customer receives nothing but the best customer service; something that has undoubtedly contributed to the market leading position that the firm now finds itself in. OceanConnects works tirelessly for, and on behalf of, a variety of Clients all over Ireland and the United Kingdom, supplying them with top tier customer service and outsourcing services. To do this, the firm operates a flexible business plan which reflects the uncertainty caused by current geopolitical trends. In spite of major events in the last few months and years, the firm has repeatedly proven its ability to deliver results in a timely and efficient manner. Each new Client, or new project from retained Clients, acts as recognition for the work that the firm has achieved so far, and also provides motivation to keep the work going in the pursuit of more success in the future. The unique size of OceanConnects as an SME customer service and outsourcing firm enables it to work to become part of the Clients’ team, rather than standing aloof and apart from them. The fully-trained staff work closely with Clients to ensure that the outcome meets all the necessary business goals. From Director Helen X Rowland all the way down, the entire team prides themselves on understanding the Clients personal and business goals in such a way that makes the outcome seem effortless. In today’s business environment, Contact Centres needs to have the capacity to operate bilingually, and that is exactly what OceanConnects has. The firm has a proven track record of success with Companies all over the European Union, having previously run a very successful help desk multilingual campaign, supporting the Client by phone/ email. This multilingualism will also serve the company heading into the future, as it seeks to grow by another ten or fifteen percent within the next year by developing new campaigns and attracting new Clients. Specifically, many of those new Clients will be proactive in the United Kingdom and Europe, giving the firm an international presence, leading to financial growth, reputational growth, and an increased portfolio of work. An ongoing factor in the success at OceanConnects, and in particular its excellent rate of Client retention, is that the entire team have always believed in themselves, and the value of what they offer to Clients. The firm has never strayed from the vision of Helen, and any changes have largely come in the form of technological capabilities, enabling greater flexibility in what is an ever- changing market and world. Long- term Clients can see the firm’s willingness to keep up and stay ahead, whilst new Clients can be impressed with the modernity of OceanConnects’ services. Despite being an SME business, OceanConnects operates at the highest level and ability, thanks largely to in-house processes and procedures - the care and attention provided to each and every Client. Helen and her whole team strive to confirm to those Clients, and to prospective customers, that not only does the firm develop different process for each Client, but they also ensure that those Clients are given equal attention. Treating Clients with respect and professionalism is one thing, but ultimately, it is the flexibility, malleability, and exceptionality of OceanConnects services that stand it out as a truly worthy winner in this EU Enterprise Awards. Company: OceanConnects Contact: Helen X Rowland Telephone: 00353 1 470 4200 Email: [email protected] Website: