Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards 15 Best SFS Manufacturer 2020 Formed in 2006, Steel Formed Sections Ltd (SFS) has developed over the years to become a recognisable brand and business throughout both the United Kingdomand Ireland. Created as a response to the gap in the market for a customer-drivenmanufacturing company that meets the needs of specialist distributors, merchants, main contractors, and sub-contractors in Ireland, discover the success of the firmas we take a closer look. Jan20473 Over the last fourteen years, SFS has become one of the best established companies within the industry across the entirety of Ireland. In fact, the firm is a market leader for all manner of clients, whether they be in search of internal partitions, MF ceiling systems, or SFS external framing systems. Still in its relative infancy as a company, SFS has maintained its market leading position through continuous investment into the testing and certification of its systems, as well as the ongoing development of its workforce. Bringing all of these elements together in a seamless fashion, the firm can rightly pride itself on being incredibly customer-driven in its attempt to help with both technical and sales queries in a very timely manner. SFS guarantees expert design and a cost-effective approach to every single project. The highly-skilled team of professionals bring years of experience to produce first-rate, expertly-detailed designs that are sure to address any need. The pure breadth of the design and manufacturing experience that is on offer at SFS alone would be outstanding, but when it is aligned with the comprehensive product portfolio, the services become that much more exceptional. Together, these elements allow the firm to facilitate a wide variety of project requirements in a manner that is effortless and cheaper than many competing firms. The results speak for themselves, as the solutions are fit for purpose, innovative, cost- effective, and crucially, delivered on time. Firstly, the team offer a hands-on design and consultation service, collaborating closely alongside project managers and design teams to ensure that every client has the confidence that only the very best solution will be developed, given the project requirements. The design team works with clients closely to guide them through the key considerations for each project, whilst taking into considerations the commercial projects that each client is going through, be they related to time, cost, or quality. Manufacturing takes place out of a purpose-built, 25,000 sq. ft industrial unit in the small town of Castleblayney near the border between County Monaghan and County Armagh. This enormous unit has allowed the firm’s necessary growth to become Ireland’s largest manufacturer of cold-rolled sections for the external infill framing and internal partition and MF ceiling systems industry. Focused wholly on growing that success, SFS remains resolutely committed to fifty percent growth over the next two years. Time after time, the bigger firms offer a cookie cutter approach that often cannot fit the more intricate projects. Yet, that need not be the case any longer. Each phase of the company’s approach to a project is carefully carried out to ensure that the client gets only the best levels of accessibility and responsiveness, whether that be design and manufacturing, or delivery and technical support. Despite not being a global player, though that is a real possibility in the future, SFS yearns for its clients’ business. For those tired of a non-responsive service with little added value in terms of design collaboration, SFS is the way to move forward. Company: Steel Formed Sections Ltd Contact: Tommy O’Neill Web: