Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

22 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards , Most Innovative English Language Training School 2020 Celebrating its forty-fifth year of teaching excellence, ACET is a family-run school that is the oldest remaining school of its type in Ireland. Having worked tirelessly to place itself on the worldmap as a high quality centre of excellence for learning English, we at EU Business News are proud to award the school Most Innovative English Language Training School 2020 in the Irish Enterprise Awards 2020. To find out more, we took the time to profile the school and its story so far. Jan20307 Established at a time when education tourism was unique, ACET is not only one of the oldest remaining English language training schools, but it is one of the finest. The centre is located in an elegant and stylish building in the heart of Cork city centre, boasting a beautiful chic Georgian interior complete with excellent facilities and technology for enhanced learning opportunities. As the only EAQUALS and IALC school in Cork, ACET has developed and firmly established a reputation of professionalism and excellence based on understanding the needs of agents and clients, thanks to its innovative, progressive, and enthusiastic attitude. The school offers a wide range of courses, including General English, Executive English, Examination Preparation, Teacher Training courses, Aviation & Military English, Individual courses, as well as student groups, an academic year programme, and family programmes. A CTIVE C ENTRE of E NGLISH T RAINING Having been authorised as the Cambridge English examination centre in Cork, offering the Cambridge examinations, clients and students can rest assured that they are getting nothing but the best in English language teaching from ACET. Accredited by many quality bodies within the industry, the school provides English language teaching to a level that is above the international standard. It is an exemplary centre of learning, priding itself on providing courses and services of the highest standard to clients at some of the most competitive prices around. Every member of the teaching and administrative staff ensures a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, offering individual care and personalised attention to each student. ACET’s goal is more than adequately summed up in its mission statement; “to provide English language training to a level above international standards, exceeding customers’ expectations and ensuring that superior performance associated with quality is our normal behaviour in an environment of continual improvement.”. Grounded in customer service, professionalism, teamwork, and profitability, ACET empowers and inspires its team to maximise the level of satisfaction experienced by every student, client, or visitor. Everybody is made to feel included, supported, and equal in learning opportunities. Teacher are encouraged to investigate teaching and learning, in order to improve their own styles and their student’s learning. ACET helps them notice what they and their students really do, get feedback as to the success of failure of what they are doing, help them tailor education to their learners and setting, be able to justify the educational choices they make, and increase educational knowledge to become authorities on teaching. ACET encourages its staff and students to be less dependent on decisions made by people far from the teaching sites themselves, such as textbook writers or school administrators. Whilst teaching English can be incredibly fun and exciting, ACET’s reliance on global events can sometimes make it a challenge. In dealing with most of the world’s economies, there is a constant balance between challenge and opportunity. For example, when the sterling is in a state of fluctuation, students travel to Ireland instead of the United Kingdom. However, when the sterling is lower, more students travel to the United Kingdom. Global factors, such as Brexit and the coronavirus, all play a part. Students want to avoid immigration issues, so Brexit brings opportunity, but epidemics such as coronavirus prevent students from attending class. ACET has stuck by its staff through the highs and the lows, and the fact it is now the oldest remaining school of its type is a testament to the fact that there’s always a silver lining. As with many other industries, technology continues to play a key role in the changing landscape of business and education through platform learning, interactive whiteboards, online classes, and many other developments. Emerging technologies not only offer the ability to improve the student experience, but it can also be a vital tool in fighting those negative global factors mentioned above. ACET is developing strategies to stay ahead of the change curve, focusing on further growth and remaining agile to any technological developments. English is a language spoken all over the world. An understanding of the English language can get one far in life, and the courses provided by ACET can help it students achieve exactly that. Grounded in history but with two eyes set squarely on the future, this English language school is one of the finest examples of Irish business that can be seen in education today. Company: ACET Contact: Joelle Coade Website: