Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards 23 Best Documentary Wedding Photographer 2020 Capturing the spirit of that special day is nomean feat, relying on the work of experts to get the job done. Ireland-based but available worldwide, Wojciech Koza has made making a record of the happiest day of a couple’s life more than a profession. With raw emotion at the heart of his work, we turn to this incredible documenter of life to find out more about howhe has transformed his passion into business success. Jan20456 Candid. Natural. Timeless. These are the watchwords of Wojciech Koza, and his attitude to photography. Able to find the smaller moments that truly make a wedding a day to remember, Wojciech effortlessly manages to bring still images to life, capturing the raw emotion of any occasion. While it would be easy to assume that the big moments are the ones to remember, Wojciech does not see the weddings he records as an event, but as a unique story to be told through his skill with the camera lens. With everyone holding their own unique personalities, authentic emotions and loads of laughter, he sees his job as finding a way to bring people right back into the day as it was. Wojciech’s documentary approach allows him to blend into the background and find ways to record these moments in an unobtrusive and discreet way. This way of working matches the trend of the wedding photography industry at large tremendously. Instead of overtly staged and posed pictures, people have begun to appreciate the value of a photographer who can find the right moments. Instead of worrying about how they look or if the light is in the right place, they can relax and enjoy the big day. Instead of the wedding revolving around the pictures, the pictures can revolve around the wedding. Naturally big family photos are essential, and Wojciech is happy to take these to the same professional standards that he applies elsewhere. Being based in Ireland has proven to be a major benefit to Wojciech’s business with the natural beauty of the location allowing for endless opportunities. From coastal views to mountain cliffs, rolling hills to quaint village squares, there is a seemingly boundless potential for photographic opportunity. The people of the country play a major part in Wojciech’s success, with many of the people he photographs proving to be some of the friendliest and open minded in the world. It makes the work of capturing the relationships they share into a joy because they clearly love their families and their country. This is especially clear in the smaller towns and villages like Sligo, where Wojciech is based. The future for Wojciech looks incredibly bright, with his aim being to shoot more elopements and weddings abroad. That said, very little could draw him away from his beloved Ireland for long. Despite photographing many weddings and special occasions so far, he still thinks there is more to find in this wonderful country. In a broader sense, Wojciech simply wants to promote candid, natural photography to those who don’t quite understand how it should be done well. There are some couples who see a wedding photographer as someone to feel uncomfortable around, an interloper on their special day. As Wojciech has proven, when done right, a candid photographer can capture some truly gorgeous shots from unnoticeable vantage points. Finding the right person for the special day makes all the difference in this regard. Memories are fleeting, but photos will last a lifetime. What Wojciech is able to provide is the chance to relive those special moments forever. More than just an event that people attended, his work captures the rawness of the occasion, of how people felt and how truly special a day can be. Company: Wojciech Koza Photography Contact: Wojciech Koza Web: