Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

24 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards , Best Bespoke Corporate Administration Solutions Provider 2020 When trying to build a vision for the future, it’s easy to see that the day-to-day activities of a business can drain resources. This is where being able to rely on a responsible company to handle administration is a godsend, changing the way inwhich businesses work and allowing them to focus onwhat they do best. Amstrow is a company that specialises in just that, offering a full suite of corporate services for clients looking to set up operations in Ireland. We took a closer look to find out more. Jan20413 Many companies offer specialist services, but what sets Amstrow apart is its ability to provide a single solution to its client, managing every aspect of its services under one platform. Bringing an immense amount of industry experience to the table, this is a company that will ensure successful structures are put in place, as well as the ability to successfully manage them. Amstrow has the ability to tailor its services and requirements to suit the needs of its clients, and with such a broad range of solutions on offer, it’s easy to see why. With the ability to handle the matters of company incorporation, provision of experienced directors, company secretarial, administration, bookkeeping, tax compliance, cash manager, seconded employees and liquidation services, Amstrow will stand by its businesses throughout its life, offering valuable input at all stages. In order to handle this impressive selection of options, there are four main companies in the group to complement the core Corporate services business. Amstrow Corporate Services (Ireland) Ltd provide the core services to clients, while Amstrow Shareholder Services provides nominee shareholder services for Trust and Orphan Structures. Amstrow Recruitment handles the specific requirements of seconded employees along with HR management solutions, and Amstrow International Financial Services provides a treasury platform for currency accounts and FX hedging. This helps clients to carry out their banking requirements using new technology. When combined, the different parts of the business make for a formidable force in the business world. While many of the businesses in this line of work are private equity owned, Amstrow holds the distinction of being privately owned in its entirety. Because of this, it maintains service levels, is fully flexible, entirely independent and can meet the needs of all clients. This gives the hardworking team a free hand to provide a bespoke service that is responsive and energetic. The team are often encouraged to take ownership of the needs of clients, adapting to what they require. An example of this is the way in which transactions are always closed quickly, even when doing deals across multiple time zones. Thanks to this proactive approach, the process of working with clients is one that is constantly evolving. As a business operating out of Ireland, it’s important to remember the role the country is set to play in the upcoming years. Nearly all international leasing companies worldwide will require an Irish leasing platform at some stage, while many UK businesses are currently looking to establish themselves in Ireland as a European base from which they can access the EU. US companies have the same thoughts, with many IP and holding companies established to get a foothold in Europe. Ireland has achieved much success in recent years, but it is businesses like Amstrow that have made the most of it with its specialist aviation unit of Amstrow Aviation Corporate services, which provides additional aviation services such as commercial support to Airlines and lease management services to certain structures. With a strong tax treaty network especially in aviation structures, the incredible ease of doing business as well as the simplicity of interacting with government agencies and Irish tax authorities, it’s a very appealing market. A growing interest in the aviation market has seen Amstrow direct its energies towards this frontier as Aircraft lessors set up their leasing platforms in the region. Amstrow has already anticipated this new reality, hoping to be approved as a GATS trustee on a new worldwide aviation platform for aircraft trusts and trading. Many companies claim to bring added value to clients, but few do so as successfully as Amstrow. Drawing on an incredible background of administration, finance and entrepreneurship, the team have created a company that not only evolves with the times, but pushes people to the future. It’s forward thinking that has been incredibly rewarding for all concerned. Company: Amstrow Contact: Nigel Woods Website: