Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards 25 Sub Contract CNC Specialists of the Year 2020 With computers now a standard part of any design, the ability to take advantage of the precision offered by CNCmachinery has revolutionised the market. While requiring a great deal of skill and expertise, it is possible to find companies such as Lisnabrin Engineering Limited to undertake this important work. Proud winners in this year’s Irish Enterprise Awards, we take a closer look at how the teamhas cut a path to success. Jan20319 2001 saw the birth of Lisnabrin Engineering, and the rise of an exceptional option within the design industry when it comes to CNC work. With an eye on medical technology, the team at the company have proven themselves capable of performing all sorts of highly precise work ranging from production jigs and prototypes all the way through to the components required by OEM customers for medical device manufacturing. There are few organisations out there able to offer the flexibility of service that Lisnabrin Engineering can. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a one-off machined part or an order based on high volume production, clients are always guaranteed the best possible product. Lisnabrin Engineering’s enviable success is built on its ability to deliver high quality products with a short lead time and a lower cost than competitors. The incredible amount of expertise acquired by the company has been learnt through years of working, with the management team having a combined 50 years of experience in the industry. While CNC machinery and engineering can serve a number of sectors, much of what Lisnabrin Engineering does revolves around the med-tech industry. This is currently booming in Ireland, with many products and solutions being developed in the country. While both products and manufacturing processes would have previously been developed overseas and shipped to Ireland, the rise of companies like Lisnabrin Engineering has allowed the entire development process to be worked out in the country. Many of the major manufacturers have their own operations in Ireland, with a demand for the precision services that Lisnabrin Engineering can provide. Much of what the company do is vital to the success of this important work. The in-house design department of the business, combined with the practical experience of design and construction, means that there are few companies more perfectly suited to the task than Lisnabrin Engineering. A skilled and dedicated workforce in the country means that it is possible for much of the work undertaken to exceed customer expectation although many still hunger for continuous improvement. All staff are meticulously 3rd Level trained, or undergoing training programs such as apprenticeships or Engineering degrees to reach this level. Always aiming for the highest possible quality, the team is ISO9001:2015 certified, and has recently achieved its ISO13485:2006 certification. The latter is the Quality Management System required for the manufacture of Medical Device Components. This should open new doors to the company, allowing it to further explore a rapidly growing market in which it has already achieved success. The business success of Lisnabrin Engineering is due in no small part to this, as well as the tremendous efforts of government support that has encouraged the company’s work. The Local Enterprise office and Enterprise Ireland have also been of major assistance as the business developed. In all, it’s no small wonder that Lisnabrin Engineering has become so renowned for its work, with quality and precision being its watchwords. The need to subcontract work is a risky business, but Lisnabrin Engineering make it the natural choice. Their ability to work so well with others to ensure the best possible product is the main reason behind their inevitable success. Company: Lisnabrin Engineering Limited Contact: Noel Doherty Website: