Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards 43 Best Solar Energy Solutions Provider 2020 One of the primary issues that continues to be on the world’s agenda is that of the environment; more specifically, protecting it. As humans go on utilising and draining the earth’s natural resources for non-renewable energy, the planet becomes more environmentally fractured with every passing day. Renewable energies can go a long way in solving that problem. Enter, Activ8 Solar Energies, an Irish firmdedicated to bringing about lasting change through solar power. To learnmore, we profiled the firm. Feb20280 Activ8 Solar Energies was founded in 2007 by visionary Ciaran Marron. Since then, the firm has grown exponentially to become a home for experts within the field of solar power and renewable energy in Ireland. With more than ten thousand installations and over thirteen years’ experience in the industry, Activ8 is Ireland’s largest solar installer, servicing both the domestic and commercial market. Commercial partners include companies such as SSE Airtricity, Intel, Microsoft, DePuy Synthes, Terra Spirits & Liqueurs, and many more. Solar power is something that is not reserved for big companies or wealthy investors. Instead, it has fast become one of the most accessible and usable forms of renewable energy for many domestic homeowners across Ireland, Europe, and the wider world as a whole. However, despite its already exceptional levels of popularity and widespread usage, Activ8 has set its sights even higher. The firm has been in operation for more than thirteen years, and in that time has made some remarkable strides forward for the solar energy industry in Ireland. Activ8 itself has transformed from being the largest solar thermal installer in Ireland to focusing almost entirely on installing solar photovoltaic systems across Ireland. Prior to the arrival of the SEAI solar photovoltaic grant, the firm had accrued no small amount of experience and because of that, it was able to offer the grant off the price of consumers systems at the point of sale. The size and scope of Activ8 allows it to do this, and when combined with the testimonials of more than ten thousand happy clients, it makes for a very compelling case of Irish success. Now, more than ever before, Activ8 is in the perfect position to bring high-quality services to Irish consumers. Ireland, like so many other countries around the world at this moment in time, has set itself carbon emission goals that it wishes to achieve by the year 2030. Activ8 is seeking to play a major role in helping Ireland achieve those goals. The firm is looking to make solar photovoltaic modules and panels one of the main sources of renewable energy used within Irish homes over the next ten years, leading up to the 2030 deadline for carbon emission goals. It is not enough, however, to simply offer these exceptional products to clients. Rather, Activ8 is leading the way through widespread education of renewable energy and solar power, followed by giving Irish homeowners and businesses alike value for money and high-quality service in delivering solar photovoltaic solutions across the country. Looking towards 2030 targets, Activ8 is doing everything it can to make these targets a reality having recently announced a planned move to Nexus N2 Business Park where they will open their brand new offices, with R&D taking pride of place allowing Activ8 to develop exciting opportunities in the growing smart solar and IOT space. With construction well under way, it’s only a matter of time before Activ8 elevates their position within the industry once again. Alongside the current advancement and boom in renewable solar energy, Ireland and its landscape has also had a large focus on the potential on wind energy production. Activ8’s services have done a great deal in showcasing to the Irish government the evidence that solar photovoltaics excellently complement the country’s existing wind energy infrastructure. Right now, there has seldom been a more exciting time to be involved in the solar energy industry across Ireland. There will undoubtedly be some kind of commercial grant or tariff implemented to help speed up the commercial growth of solar photovoltaics, allowing businesses to do their bit for the environment and generate their own electricity. Renewable energy sources are the future, if the current way of life is to remain sustainable for many of us today. Whilst businesses and companies look to do their part for the environment in generating their own electricity, so too can domestic homeowners. Solar power is available for many of us, and Activ8’s desire to bring about lasting change is nothing short of superb. As the world continues to change, and more people begin the shift towards renewable energy, Activ8 is set to capitalise on what is sure to be a period of tremendous growth and success. Company: Activ8 Solar Energies Contact: Jim McEneaney Website: