Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

44 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards , Best Financial Planning Advisory 2020 It’s never easy to plan for the future, with the needs of today often taking precedent over the needs of tomorrow. For the teamat SYSWealth & Financial Planners, their job is to take the strain, providing exceptional advice to all clients. Their unrivalled success in this position has earned them this award in 2020’s Irish Enterprise Awards. We profiled the firm to find out more. Feb20040 Money plays an incredibly important role in anybody’s life, but the management of this resource is often put aside thanks to the demands of everyday life. This not only means that many people are not in control of their finances, but they are unable to maximise their resources in order to reach their full potential. Headquartered in Tipperary, with offices the length and breadth of Ireland, the team at SYS have brought a new standard to financial planning. Guided by the principle of “Sophisticated Yet Simple”, the team have been able to make a real difference the lives of all who refer to them. They pride themselves on their skill and expertise, with each expert consultant always on hand to deliver unbiased and valuable advice to clients both corporate and individual. The company has managed several impressive achievements since opening its doors, with victory as Best New Broker 2019 at the LPI awards a recent success. SYS was recently accredited as an All Star Business and has been ISO certified since August 2019. These accomplishments go a long way to reassuring clients of the validity and importance of what advice is given. Of course, the advice from the team’s consultants is key to understanding the best way forward for specific financial situations. It gives people clarity about what options are available and how best to utilise them. The team works for the individual, designing bespoke solutions that satisfy a unique need. It doesn’t matter whether a client is looking for the best way to protect their family, to plan their retirement or even to build and maintain an investment portfolio – the SYS team are uniquely equipped to handle any and all of these priorities with the height of professionalism. All plans are developed with the intention that the plan will guide the majority of decision making when it comes to finance. Needless to say, that not following the plan invalidates the potential benefits. From the very beginning of working alongside a consultant, the team will work tirelessly to not only develop a plan that works for an individual’s circumstances, but will work alongside them in order to guide their next steps as best as possible. The advantage of partnering with SYS is that clients have long term relationships with their advisors, with the advantages of experience and expertise slowly filtered through an in-depth knowledge of a person and their preferences. The best results often come from a consultant helping to manage the financial side as a lifelong commitment. Looking ahead, the company certainly has a lot to celebrate. Celebrating five years since formation in 2015, the team have begun a process of significant expansion. The central bank has approved the acquisition of two brokerages in the South and South East, which will see SYS Wealth & Financial Planners open a third office in Waterford and increase its service offering to include mortgages and finance for car loans. These exciting developments demonstrate clearly that this is a business that is only just getting started. Financial planning is not an easy area to work in, but the team at SYS have proven themselves more than capable of providing expert advice in this area. It’s their ability to effortlessly prove themselves that not only keeps people working with them, but draws new clients in to discover what benefits they might provide. Company: SYS Wealth & Financial Planners Contact: Aileen Delaney Email: [email protected]