Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards 45 Best Ethical Unisex Clothing Brand 2020 & Award for Excellence in Sustainable Lifestyle & Fashion 2020 As the world continues to shift towards more eco-friendly and environmental ways of living, it can sometimes be hard to remember that our clothing has a large impact on the planet. Now, more than ever, it is important to recognise the work of those clothing brands and companies who are seeking tomove into the realms of ethical, organic, and sustainable clothing lines. Kokoro Organics is one such brand. Following its double-award-winning success in this years’ Irish Enterprise Awards, we take a closer look at its clothing to find out exactly how good it is. Mar20052 Meaning, “your heart, your soul, your spirit” in Japanese, Kokoro is not only the first handmade Irish luxury unisex organic bamboo clothing and accessory line, but it is also a brand that is wholly committed to being an ethical, organic, and fully sustainable company. Every single fabric that the firm uses is 100% ECO- certified and OEKO-TEX-certified sustainable, organic, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, biodegradable, easy-to- wash, and breathable. The clothing sits on the skin effortlessly, making it feel luxuriously soft and light for anybody who wears it. As well as delivering on all the key factors that clothing should in the world today, they are also of the highest natural quality and comfort, to ensure that sustainable fashion does not have to compromise on finish to be good for the environment. There is a growing appetite amongst people everywhere, and especially those working within the fashion industry, for eco- friendly fashion. Kokoro centres every piece of clothing around its three pillars of sustainable fashion, organic fibres, and ethical manufacturing. Armed with years of preparation and research, Kokoro has managed to create a brand that uses only renewable resources, little-to-no water, no pesticides or harsh chemicals, and packaged without using any plastics. The result is ZEN WEAR; ‘If you feel good wearing it, you’ll look good wearing it.’ Balance is key to the collection thus the Ying, Yang theme throughout the brand. From poncho tops and kimonos, to yoga pants and extra long beanies, the range is fantastic and the style is elegant and sophisticated; inspired by Japanese culture. Founders Sharon Farren and Nader Fahm began their R&D organic textiles project more than two years ago, back when there was little public awareness about eco-sustainable fashion. However, thanks to the recent actions of Greta Thunberg and the rising popularity of climate change action movements, people are far more aware of the urgency to change purchasing habits in terms of clothing. Alongside this rise, there has also been more and more Irish designers, alongside Kokoro, who are turning to sustainable methods. Whilst most consumers tend to base purchases on price over quality and comfort, there is a growing trend in Ireland towards the support of sustainable products. Kokoro’s primary values are grounded in beliefs that stem from Japanese mythology. Nader, who is a ZEN Master, wanted to incorporate his mastery of Martial Arts from Japan. According to ancient stories, the gods would tie an invisible red string around the little finger of those that were destined to meet one another, or help each other in some way. Kokoro’s belief is that everyone is connected, and that it has a responsibility to offers goods that are made sustainably, produced ethically, and reduce waste through a closed loop manufacturing system. The company philosophy of “good thoughts, good words, good deeds” is exemplified every day through its processes. The internal culture that Sharon and Nader have instilled at Kokoro is one of celebration; highlighting the belief that quality over quantity will not only help the environment, but also encourage consumers to be mindful of the purchase practice they currently indulge in. By exuding this belief from within, Kokoro can bring about meaningful and impactful positive changes to society, local business in Ireland, and the entire planet. Sharon and Nader are confident about the future of Kokoro right now. With the world caught up in the global health pandemic, they are excited to introduce ZEN WEAR to bring some quality and comfort to the consumer. The focus on sustainability and eco- fashion being a core part of that, there has never been a better time for growth and expansion of what Kokoro offers. As Sharon works tirelessly to develop a new Sports and Resorts collection to launch in New York and then on to the GCC this year, due to the current atmosphere around the Global Pandemic, she and Nader are already in R&D to develop an ECO CAREWEAR for the health Industry. Company: Kokoro Organics Contact: Sharon Farren Creative Director Email : [email protected] Website: