Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

46 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards , Best Women's Designer Clothing Brand 2020 Women today need clothes for all different types of occasion. Solid working clothes that are comfortable and stylish, or more relaxed and yet sophisticated wear for that morning school run. Fashion is an ever-evolving creature, one that requires a swift and creative mind in order to stay ahead of the curve. Mary Grant brings exactly that; a keen eye for women’s designer fashion and the creative mastery to bring it to life. To find out more, we took a closer look at the exceptional ladieswear this Dublin designer offers. Feb20170 Born and raised in Dublin, Mary Grant is an exceptional designer of women’s clothing, catering to all types of woman in the modern world. But her story began way back when she was but a child. Her parents were very creative individuals, instilling in her a desire to follow suit. Her father’s passion for photography, her mother’s various types of needlework, and previous generations of lace makers and carpenters meant that creativity flowed through Mary’s veins from the day she was born. With both parents running their own businesses in which Mary was involved from a very young age, she inevitably found herself falling more in love with the creativity that is now celebrated by women across all of Ireland. Following a successful completion of her design degree in Dublin, Mary decided to return home rather than head for the fashion capitals of the world. After garnering experience working alongside local bridal and knitwear designers, Mary set out on her own and has not looked back. In 1993, she founded her eponymous label, Mary Grant. That same year, Mary got married and gave birth to her first child. Despite having to raise her children on her own, she did so with only the grace and dignity that a woman can, successfully juggling motherhood with running her business. Today, it is those years of experience that allows her to empathise with her clients, and create the perfect piece of fashion for them, before they even know what they want. The clients that Mary Grant serves are strong, successful, and confident; not content to follow trends, but rather, make them for herself. Leading busy lifestyles, these clients juggle careers and family, much like Mary herself. That juggling doesn’t mean that they can’t wear luxury clothing however; clothing that is sophisticated, smart, cool, and comfortable. Originally best known for her work on pinnies and dungarees using fluid luxury fabrics, Mary has since expanded her portfolio to include a varied range of versatile clothing for all different types of women. Full of intricate and unexpected details, Mary’s clothing is hardy, and has gathered a loyal following over the years. The brand’s evolution brought with it coats, jackets, cardigans, dresses, tops, shirts, skirts, pants, boots, and so much more. Each item is made to be smart, yet edgy; offering a style that is all Mary’s own. What’s more is that when it comes to a family occasion, any Mary Grant women likes to remain true to her style. That’s why each collection item includes feminine layering pieces which are designed to transform an existing outfit into something a bit more special. Mary’s work is inspired by a love affair with luxurious tactile fluid fabrics, painstaking craftsmanship, and keen attention to detail. Inspired by everything around us in the world, Mary absorbs music, photography, sustainability, nature, pop culture, and of course, client feedback. Mary’s creations are timelessly elegant, perfect for use in the everyday, using only the finest fabrics from mills in Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan. Whilst it may be designed in Ireland, the fabrics undergo an international journey from the hand-knitted cashmere in Nepal, to the manufacturing in Italy and Poland. Finally, even after its global journey, each item is exquisitely personal to the client who purchased it. To this day, Mary continues to bring both passion and perfection to her work in the fashion industry. She is more than just an exceptional designer, more than a visionary, and more than a creative genius. She is a beacon for working women everywhere, that juggling work and family may be hard, but it sure is worth it. With her sights now firmly set on a empowering women, Mary will also be adding digital products to her ever-growing business to help others achieve the lifestyle she has effortlessly created for herself. A lifestyle where she has been able to raise her kids while simultaneously running and building the business. Showing no signs of slowing down, especially having a #1 bestselling book on Amazon when it published in November titled ‘Empowered by Style’, the future is brighter than ever for Mary and her brand of exquisite clothing. Company: Mary Grant Contact: Mary Grant Website: