Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 At the very heart of Vacious’ ethos is an unwavering commitment to valuing women of all shapes and sizes, empowering them as they embrace each and every curve that they have been blessed with. All of the products in this line have been meticulously designed so as to help the wearer flaunt what they have, the results of which being a customer that feels happy about their own unique body and has maximum confidence in themselves. Founder and Owner Sinead O Brien is a true expert in the field of shapewear, and she continuously leverages her knowledge to improve what her business can offer to consumers, crafting pieces that act as a canvas to one’s wardrobe. Four key elements comprise Vacious’ product range, underpinning its holistic approach to providing quality clothing for all needs and circumstances. The first of these is the AllRounder, with this go-to bodysuit being suitable for all occasions and boasting a compression ability that is designed to both smooth and sculpt. Available in the staple colours of nude, black, and brown, this bodysuit provides an extra lift where warranted and even comes with an open gusset for the uppermost convenience. There are many fantastic testimonials for the All-Rounder, with one notable one stating, “the All-Rounder is the most amazing piece of shapewear I’ve ever worn, and I felt incredible in it! The gusset was a game-changer.” Secondly, there is the Every Day Vest, with this coming in two colours, black and nude. This particular garment has been designed to offer daily support and shaping, and its silkysmooth fabric does a fantastic job of acting as the base layer from which to build one’s outfit on top of, all while feeling incredibly soft and comfortable on the skin. The third area of note in this product range are the Briefs, which Most Empowering Shapewear Brand 2024 Size-inclusive shapewear brand Vacious was founded in 2021 by Sinead O Brien, an Irish influencer and entrepreneur whose dream to launch her very own brand has served as the guiding light of this endeavour. Thanks to its unique range of technically constructed pieces, Vacious shapewear empowers all who wear it, encouraging them to embrace each and every curve and feel more confident about their bodies in doing so. Led by the motto, “when life gives you curves, flaunt them”, the ongoing mission of the brand is to continue to give women confidence, leveraging its extensive range that caters for sizes 8 through 28 to achieve this very feat. We catch up with Sinead to find out more about her business. Feb24536 are, quite simply, lightweight and breathable underwear that offer no compression and maximum comfort. Available either individually or as a three-colour multipack, this seamless underwear choice perfectly complements those casual outfits. Finally, there is the Maternity Slip, a piece of clothing that Sinead describes as, “a no compression hug for your bump.” The light support and smoothing of curves that this product offers during pregnancy is unrivalled, and with a soft, breathable finish to boot, there really is no better choice out there. As one customer, Áine, said in her testimonial, “the Maternity Slip is just amazing quality, and the softness is perfect.” Of course, beyond just these offerings, there is Vacious’ tremendous swimwear range, which is currently comprised of seven bathing suits of a multitude of colours and styles, once more boasting the same 8-28 size guarantee that is present across all of these items. As shapewear continues to rise in popularity across the globe, with more women embracing these items of clothing and thus their figures, such pieces have become staples in women’s wardrobes across the world, and particularly so in Vacious’ native Ireland. Previously, Irish women would look to either the US or UK for the high-quality pieces they sought after, but thanks to Vacious, such exemplary pieces are now available right on their doorstep. Bolstered by the uniquity of its quality pieces, Sinead and the team have worked tirelessly to create a distinctive formula that serves as a common thread throughout its shapewear offerings, which, as Sinead explains, “ensure[s] our pieces smooth and lift [in] all the right places.” This local touch is something that is of paramount importance to Sinead, who tells us, “as an Irish woman in business, it was important to me that Irish women had a local brand like this that they could turn to and feel connected with and trust to create the right pieces for them.” On the back of its terrific products, Vacious now enjoys a worldwide community of loyal and dedicated customers, and the multitude of reviews that they leave relating to the products that they purchase speak volumes about the innate excellence that is present across the brand, with the comfort and quality of these pieces, as well as the confidence that stems as a result of wearing them, being cited time and again. Thanks to a tight-knit community of staff and customers alike, this small and mighty team collaborate closely on a daily basis to ensure that unity radiates across every area of this operation. Additionally, the internal culture at Vacious revolves around strong relationships, not just amongst staff, but also its customer base. Sinead states that, since “our staff are super knowledgeable on our brand, products and values, it makes communication between us and customers seamless.” As such, one of the business’ top priorities is fostering a positive working environment, and to make sure that this is achieved, staff are afforded opportunities to develop their roles so as to make their work as exciting and fulfilling as possible. Furthermore, all staff are involved in meetings concerning the company’s expansion, with these strong connections set to form the basis of Vacious’ bright future. Sinead is ecstatic as she shares with us what the next few years are set to hold for this award-winning small business, enthusing, “we have so many exciting things for the future of Vacious in 2024 and beyond. We are continuously working on the growth and expansion of our brand, and our next steps are to continue our