Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

ready to work, the company matches them up with a senior healthcare assistant and they spend time shadowing them. New healthcare team members are encouraged to review each other’s work and provide feedback to each other; this ensures that improvements are also constant.” Manor Homecare’s development stems from its commitment to ongoing education. As the first company in Ireland to collaborate with Solas, the state agency responsible for overseeing the Further Education and Training sector, Manor Homecare has selected members of its care team for certification as Advanced Healthcare Practitioners. This further education allows staff to access a wide range of clinical and care skills whilst working within their role. Moving forward, Manor Homecare has plans to develop community-based homes with supported care and onsite living arrangements. Over the coming year, Manor Homecare will also create designated disability centres in order to offer a broad range of services to individuals with disabilities. These centres will possess the facilities and experienced staff to provide clients with long-term residential care and emergency respite. At Manor Homecare, the team is devoted to providing individuals with the necessary support to maintain their independence while residing in the comfort of their own homes. Priding itself on upholding and evolving its exceptional levels of care, the company strives to deliver unrivalled care and support to individuals across various sectors. Its services rely on the expertise of its hardworking team and focus on ongoing training and development to ensure clients receive the best possible care. For its personalised and compassionate care, we have bestowed on Manor Healthcare this year’s award for Rising Star in Health & Social Care.