Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

Jul22546 EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 GN Europe Energy is driven by the overarching aim of serving as a collaboration conduit in the field of clean energy, bridging the gap between its Chinese and European enterprises through a series of strategic partnerships and mutual initiatives. While it has distinguished itself in this field in a number of ways, primarily, it is the combination of large-scale energy projects with a series of major corporations, and the close partnerships formed with smaller enterprises and local governments, that sets CGN Europe Energy apart. This all-encompassing approach lends itself to a proactive engagement in spurring on the transition to clean energy on a Europewide basis. To streamline the services that it provides, the company’s adopted consortium is comprised of professional asset management teams, with these teams taking on leadership roles backed by the relentless support of the business’ technical experts, whose unmatched expertise in the sector proves essential to CGN Europe Energy’s wider successes. Commenting further on this, a representative for the company tells us, “this collaborative set-up allows us to leverage the collective skills and knowledge of our teams to ensure the efficient operation and maintenance of our renewable energy projects.” Such successes speak for themselves, as aside from the more than 350MW of wind assets across the UK and Ireland, CGN Europe Energy also has a further almost 400MW of wind energy across France (in addition to a 6.6MW solar operation in the country), and almost 2000MW more from its other sites across Europe, Africa, and the North Pole. The business has thus grown considerably since its founding in June 2014, with its total investment across its European/ African territories being in excess of €3 billion. With such a huge asset portfolio, effective management is vital. The company’s expertise in this realm can be split up into three different categories, the first of which being technical asset management, where the company takes advantage of its seven days a week monitoring and dedicated HSE (health, safety, environment) management systems. Site visits and in-person inspections are also carried out, with more than 100 wind turbines and 70 solar panels being inspected across its range in recent months alone. Finally, there is blade inspection, which guarantees six-month results through the fitting of a high-resolution camera system. The commitment to the environment that underpins the ethos of CGN Europe Energy extends further than just its renewable projects, and it prioritises local companies when it comes to choosing commercial Renewable Energy Asset Management Firm of the Year 2024 A subsidiary of CGN Europe Energy, CGN Europe Energy Ireland Ltd was founded back in 2017, and is headquartered in Dublin. Over the past seven years, the company’s unwavering dedication to ensuring cooperation regarding renewable energies among the UK and Ireland has been clear to see, and at present, this team manage 350MW worth of wind assets across 18 separate windfarm projects spread across Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the UK. Having achieved this goal, the company next has its sights set beyond just technological proficiency and operational effectiveness, instead championing environmental stewardship and yielding a much wider community impact. partners, with these spanning such areas as purchasing equipment, maintenance, and the various other commercial activities that all contribute immeasurably to the business’ triumphs. This is also true of its Irish subsidiary, which, we are told, “[sees us] collaborate closely with local partners and stakeholders, integrating their input into our asset management approach to align with the country's renewable energy goals.” Through this united effort, Ireland’s sustainable energy future is being demonstrably strengthened. C Contact: Anthony Walsh Company: CGN Europe Energy Web Address: Jan24667