Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

13. Of course, as any company operating out of Ireland would say, there are a host of benefits to working within the country, extending beyond just its convenient geographical location. The excellent natural conditions, such as an abundance of wind, stand as a rock-solid foundation from which to establish renewable energy projects atop of, and thanks to a series of robust, supportive government policies, the likes of which include incentives and regulatory frameworks that promote investment and development in renewable energy, an environment is fostered where businesses such as CGN Europe Energy Ireland Ltd (CGNEEIL) can truly excel. What unties everyone at CGNEEIL is a, “[shared] commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship in Ireland and beyond”, with this being something that starts with the company’s internal culture. At the heart of this is a drive towards fostering mutual cultural understanding, something that serves as the cornerstone of the impactful, positive-change-yielding people-to-people bonds that has brought the business so much success. Transparent communication is something that is as equally as key, with this empowering the business to strengthen its operations, not only in Ireland, but also across Europe and as far as away as the wider company’s native home of China. Elaborating further on this, a spokesperson explains, “our internal culture emphasises the importance of building bridges between Chinese and European cultures, creating a collaborative environment where diverse perspectives are valued and respected.” In a similar vein, the full extent of this culture is on display when it comes to recruiting new talent, seeking out those individuals whose relevant skills and qualifications are bolstered by a true enthusiasm for cultural diversity and a steadfast willingness to positively contribute to the collaborative, inspiring working environment that defines CGN Europe Energy more broadly. Leveraging such a tremendous internal culture to fortify its frontrunner position, the future for CGN Europe Energy is bright, and its plans for the next several years revolve around continuing to blend a series of cutting-edge technologies with its proven Irish, European, and Chinese business models, utilising its knowledge to strengthen ties in these respective markets. Regarding CGNEEIL specifically, this team remain actively involved in serving as a catalyst for Europe’s ecological transition, steadfast in their aims of both expanding and solidifying their footprint across Ireland, something they plan to undertake through further investment in decarbonised solutions to reach a zerocarbon operation down the line. In closing, the terrific work that is being done by a CGN Europe Energy and CGN Europe Energy Ireland Ltd is having a profound impact on Europe’s renewable energy landscape, and its ability to constantly expand and nurture this portfolio ensures that it does the greatest amount of good possible. Across these operations, the business embodies its mantra of “Strict, Prudent, Meticulous, Practical”, and in doing so, has more than earned this award, celebrating its uniquity and excellence in the field.