Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

19. improvement but also empowers it with the knowledge it needs to adapt to various market trends. Over the years, Expert Windows has received a multitude of positive feedback, resulting in its exceptional 4.9-star rating on Google. For example, one individual shares, “We had an amazing experience with this company. They went above and beyond to help us find the perfect door. The customer service was outstanding, delivery and installation were quick, and the door was exactly what we were looking for.” Reflecting on its accomplishments, Expert Windows believes that its workforce is invaluable, playing a crucial role in driving its current success as well as shaping its future. Being based in Ireland, the company benefits from access to a highly educated and skilled workforce, attracting top talent through its values and positive work environment. Expert Windows has worked hard to establish an internal culture of excellence, collaboration, and customer centricity by encouraging employees to communicate openly, respect each other, and work hard to achieve their collective goals. This has driven team cohesion, innovation, adaptability, and customer satisfaction. To ensure that its team is always knowledgeable when it comes to installation techniques, product features, and industry standards, Expert Windows invests in their ongoing training and development. Lilia shares, “We continue to invest in employee development, ensuring a skilled workforce capable of meeting the challenges of a dynamic industry. As we move forward, our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and industry leadership remains unwavering.” Overall, it is clear that, by choosing Expert Windows, customers are opting to collaborate with a partner that goes beyond the standard, offering a unique blend of convenience, customisation, quality, innovation, craftsmanship, customer-centricity, and sustainability. For this reason, the company has been named Windows & Doors Specialists of the Year, Dublin, in the Irish Enterprise Awards 2024. We are pleased to congratulate Lilia Tarlev and her team on their success in this prestigious awards programme. Looking towards the future, Expert Windows is preparing for the launch of its new line of accessible doors. Alongside this, the company strives to strengthen its position as a leading supplier of premium windows and doors in Ireland whilst establishing itself as an innovation hub, setting new standards and driving technological advancement. Contact: Lilia Tarlev Company: Expert Windows Ltd Web Address: