Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 Immigration Law Firm of the Year 2024 - UK & Ireland Founded in 2021 as the result of two long-established firms coming together to form one paragon of excellence, Daly Khurshid Solicitors LLP is an immigration law firm whose success originates from its commitment to its clients. Propelled forward by the goal of achieving the best possible outcomes for its clients, the firm has become a staple within its trade, with its immense breadth of experience ultimately allowing it to offer a range of wholly bespoke services to clients across the region. Join us as we explore how Daly Khurshid Solicitors LLP has become an award-winning firm worthy of the spotlight. Describing itself as a ‘dynamic and progressive law firm’, Daly Khurshid Solicitors LLP is a full service, boutique law firm which leverages its unique experience to assist clients in achieving the outcomes they deserve. Priding itself on its quality of service, the firm utilises its lawyers’ extensive experience in a variety of fields to create tangible solutions that are specifically designed to make a difference. With its broad range of international experience, Daly Khurshid Solicitors LLP is aptly qualified to confidently navigate the legal sphere for the benefit of its clients, and never fails to deliver advice that is perfectly tailored to each individual case and client. In fact, it is this very client-centric focus that has earned Daly Khurshid Solicitors LLP such renown within its trade. Geared towards achieving the best possible outcomes for a myriad of clients, the firm exercises a range of approaches that are suited to any requirement. Be it through litigation, mediation, or negotiated settlements, Daly Khurshid Solicitors LLP breathes fresh life into the practice of law, with its energetic team driving this mission. Boasting many years of combined legal experience, the team at Daly Khurshid Solicitors LLP are unique in the capacity to provide what their clients need. Ranging from insolvency and corporate restructure, commercial and corporate law, property law, family law, employment law, estate planning probate, licensing, litigation, human rights, or citizenship and immigration, Daly Khurshid Solicitors LLP provides a wide range of services. While conducting said services, the firm strictly adheres to an ethical approach that honours the best ethos of the legal profession, and it never sacrifices this approach in its three years of operation. Remaining wed to its values allows Daly Khurshid Solicitors LLP to thrive, granting clients access to a morally sound collective that always has its client’s best interests at heart. Having acted in some of most seminal cases in the areas of immigration, asylum law, insolvency, at all court levels up to and including the Supreme Court of Ireland, Daly Khurshid Solicitors LLP has demonstrated that it is committed to striving for excellence in every case. The professionalism of this firm stands as a testament to this – through an immense level of industry insight and knowledge, the firm has managed to tackle some of the Ireland’s most challenging cases, with confidence and resolve. When engaging the assistance of Daly Khurshid Solicitors LLP, clients can expect a reliable solution to their legal queries, without having to compromise on their principles. In short, Daly Khurshid Solicitors LLP is a legal advisory firm whose dedication to its clients surpasses all those others in its field. With two teams of impeccable talent coming together to form one powerful force since 2021, Daly Khurshid Solicitors LLP is growing from strength to strength. This award is a testament to the firm’s excellence and continued growth. We look forward to seeing how Daly Khurshid Solicitors LLP develops as it blazes a trail in its unique way. Contact: Seamus Hempenstall Company: Daly Khurshid Solicitors LLP Web Address: Feb24382