Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

22. EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 Jan24527 Located in the industrial/port town of Drogheda, in the County Louth region of Ireland, Cassidy Consultants has been operating since 1998, with this architectural designer possessing a unique dual focus, namely on the areas of sustainable residential and mixed-use design. As a result, it is able to offer excellent urban design, landscaping, interiors, environmental, and project management services and solutions. Priding itself on its unique ability to design innovative spaces that are enjoyed in both the public and private eye, the achievements of this business are clear to see in many of the distilleries and business campuses that it has designed across the landscape. Heading up this operation is the company’s namesake, Andrew Cassidy, a proficient, knowledgeable professional who boasts having worked in the business since 1994. Over three decades of extensive experience where he has succeeded in trying his hand at many different avenues of the industry, Andrew has become well-versed in the fields of architecture, engineering, and building surveying, to name just a few. In the past 30 years, Andrew has spearheaded a series of projects that each embody his commitment to this craft and represent the sustained excellence that Cassidy Consultants is today famed for across the continent. From an array of office buildings to one-off dwellings, as well as both housing and commercial developments, Andrew’s capacity in the discipline of design and management is second to none. Leveraging this industry expertise, Andrew currently enjoys membership at three of the broader sector’s most prestigious professional bodies, being a Registered Architect with the American Institute of Architects, a Fellow Chartered Building Engineer at the Association of Building Engineers, and a Registered Building Surveyor for the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland, with the prestigious nature of these accolades speaking for themselves. A pioneering figure in the space, Andrew’s frontrunner status was demonstrated further by his ranking of 16th in a 2010 IDA (Ireland’s Foreign Direct Investment Agency) competition that crowned the Top 40 Under 40 Architects in Europe. In the years since, both Andrew and the company have continued to garner acclaim, with the business having previously being named as the Best Mixed-Use Small Architectural and Design Practise in Ireland in 2015. Following on from this impressive feat, Andrew to this day consistently achieves a high success rate of planning permission approvals for his clients across both Ireland and Europe. Shedding some light on the methods that the company uses, at the very heart of its approach is a meticulous understanding of the concepts of both home and place, covering how people live, whether this be by themselves, in a group, or even as a community in the broader sense of the term. This deep level of insight is what drives the business to craft buildings that strike the balance between economical and efficient, and thanks to the plethora of options on offer that span the areas of design and consultancy, the service provided serves as a one-stop-shop solution for all of one’s architecture and design needs. When it comes to the projects that Andrew and his team take on, each is equally cherished and treated as wholly unique. From here, Cassidy Consultants makes it happen, something it achieves by following the process and understanding the discipline, all underpinned by an unwavering commitment to providing value for money and giving a client what they want. At times, this can be complicated and even stressful, but this workforce enjoys a good challenge, taking such trials in their stride and innovating as they go for good measure. Throughout this journey, key milestones are set, which not only provide a sense of achievement, but keep clients well updated on progress. Equally as important as the hands-on approach favoured by this team is the forging of strong, lasting, and personal relationships with clients, many of whom are repeat seekers of these services, with this extending to them being involved as far as possible in the design process. Furthermore, since everybody at Cassidy Consultants know this process like the backs of their hands, the partnerships that have been formed with the likes of planners and other industry professionals are similarly robust, and together, a high-quality design and professional administrative process is afforded from the outset through to completion, with outstanding results being delivered every step of the way. Since its founding back in 1998, Cassidy Consultants has ascended to great heights within this sphere, now servicing the construction sector in addition to relishing its reputation as one of Ireland’s most progressive and vibrant architectural design companies. Contact: Andrew Cassidy Company: Cassidy Consultants Web Address: Best Distillery & Business Campus Architectural Design Company 2024