Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

Jul22493 21. Jul22493 Specialising in the selling of a wide range of advanced LED lighting systems that are utilised across both furniture and apartments, the assortment of products on offer through New Style Lights Ltd is as excellent as it is vast, with something available for everyone, regardless of the simplicity or complexity of their lighting needs. Having adopted an all-encompassing approach to their services, this team excel in the areas of consulting, technical assistance, and professional service, as well as before- and aftersales, finding the best solutions for even the most difficult of lighting cases. Offering tailored lighting solutions that can be designed to fit the exact size requirements of a customer’s kitchen, wardrobe, or any other area where light may be lacking, New Style Lights possesses the unique ability to provide entirely bespoke lighting solutions spanning a multitude of colours and variations. Since the vast majority of its products work on simple connectors, the installation process could not be easier, minimising the time taken until a customer can see their own spaces in a fantastic new light, literally. With more than 400 products lining its online store that span anything a customer could ever need; New Style Lights has something at every price point. Of course, the company’s premier area of expertise that has netted it this award is centred in the realm of LED furniture lighting, a niche that adds a luxurious feel to the furnishings that already grace a customer’s personal spaces. Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, wattages, and colours, these fantastic options strike that highly desirable balance between being stateof-the-art and reasonably priced, with not a single item in this range exceeding the price of €70, a low cost when one considers the impact of the transformation and the reliability of these products. One of the most notable LED systems in this particular selection is the POLARUS brand lighting for drawers, with the casing for this product range coming in three different colours, namely aluminium, black, and white, as well as three distinctive white lighting options, cool, neutral, and warm. Boasting an energy class rating of A, these drawer lighting solutions are available in five different sizes and wattages, meaning there is something for drawers of all varieties. Best of all, thanks to the intelligent proximity switch that comes as standard, the light turns on immediately when the drawer is opened, and switches off the second it is closed, and thanks to the 2835 LEDs fitted, a large amount of light is guaranteed. Created for the Mooney Kitchens’ showroom, the above image shows how New Style Lights’ lighting solutions can truly elevate the overall appearance of a room, breathing new life into our surroundings. This kitchen’s lighting highlights the beauty of the open space, making the breakfast bar the focal point of the room – inviting guests and homeowners to sit and enjoy time together, totally illuminated. Aside from the above, another distinctive offering is the OVAL under cabinet LED options, with these budget-friendly products making a huge difference when it comes to displaying all of one’s collectibles in a proud and eye-catching fashion. Available in the colours/styles of aluminium, antique, black, brushed steel, and white, these economical luminaires are used to add a modern touch to any type of interior, and can be in used in commercial settings such as kitchens alongside display cabinets, highlighting architectural niches or select places of interest to get the most out of the aesthetic value of a piece of furniture or a room. Since the LED market is one that is constantly growing, by cornering a niche of the market in the way that New Style Lights has done, favouring these unique furniture-based lighting products in addition to standard lamps and lighting solutions, the fresh take afforded is sure to stand the business in good stead well into the future. New Style Lights Ltd is in the process of overhauling its website as well as opening a new branch in the UK, further streamlining its methods and appeasing some of the difficulties of the customer experience for those overseas with its UK-based facility, which will cut shipping costs and the time it takes a product to reach its final destination. As the company sets out on these endeavours, we wish it the best of luck, and champion its uniquity in the process. Contact: Greg Gawel Email: [email protected] Web Address: Best Furniture LED Lighting Systems Supplier 2024 Jan24529