Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 Precision Engineering Expert of the Year 2024: Ethan Croke Multi-award-winning precision engineering company EC Precision Ltd is based in Ballybrit, Galway, with this business famed for its delivering of components that are expertly engineered, fabricated, and machined, before being delivered to customers around the world. Acutely aware of the importance of on-time delivery and faultless customer support, with EC Precision as a partner, customers have shown a measurable reduction in their time to market, thanks to the high-quality, reliable, and compliant products that comprise its offerings. We speak to the EC of EC Precision Ltd, Managing Director Ethan Croke, for more. Since the company’s establishment by Ethan back in November 2019, EC Precision has established a reputation for itself as a leader in the space thanks to its tremendous work with numerous multinational medical corporations, aiding them in the development of a series of pioneering, cutting-edge technologies that streamline their available services and improve the overall experience that they can offer to customers. Operating across more than just the medical industry, Ethan and his team excel across the food and beverage, electronic device, automation, and automotive markets also, the result being a one-stop-shop solution for all customer needs across any project. Seeing a product through from conception to prototyping and then all the way to full-scale production, EC Precision specialises in high production CNC milling and turning, stainless steel welding, full machine building, and rapid prototyping, the results of which can yield everything from bespoke metal components to stainless steel trolleys, benches, and racks; mechanical machines both big and small; and components that are crafted for the purposes of testing and evaluation. One of the firm’s premier offerings is its series of custom workbenches, with these being built entirely to customer specification so as to enhance productivity and streamline one’s manufacturing ability. At the very heart of the company’s success is its location, with Ethan telling us, “Ireland is one of the world’s leading countries in manufacturing […] [as well as the] world leader in MedTech.” With this country-wide expertise to boot, the team at EC Precision are highly adaptable and seek to always work and partner with industry leaders in the area of machine tools, reinforcing their position at the forefront of the industry. Something which, as Ethan explains, has been attained, “without handouts or legacy business experience.” Since such authenticity bleeds from this family-run business, a great internal culture has been attained with a team of loyal and genuine staff. Expanding further on this, Ethan cites a flexible working environment as being integral to the sustained success of the business, with micromanagement being avoided at all costs due to it stifling creativity and contributing to a culture whereby people feel anchored and deflated. Since Ethan’s 15+ years of experience in this sphere has seen him work with more than 2000 different people at an assortment of companies during his time, he has learned a thing or two about how to treat people right, beginning with not turning over staff. Commenting on the results of this, Ethan states, “we are blessed to say that we have a constant flow of CVs submitted weekly because of how highly our staff talk about our company.” As for the future of EC Precision, Ethan believes this to be bright, with the next few years set to revolve around sustained expansion. The first part of this expansion plan began a little under 12 months ago, with the company opening up a new French location in the heart of Paris, the first of many offices in what promises to be a global expansion that will begin to take shape over the coming years. Referencing this directly, Ethan tells us, “we are upscaling by 100% and have forecasted projections to double our output every year for the next three years.” Regarding the rest of 2024 specifically, “we are planning on installing a cleanroom to handle sensitive medial components and have developed groundbreaking technology in the orthopaedic implant world”, says Ethan. The company is also up for a Guaranteed Irish Business Award, something it hopes to win again after previously being celebrated in 2022. As for the long term, it is the mission of this team to become a globally recognised brand, solidifying EC Precision Ltd as a market leader in territories across the world. With the award-winning Ethan Croke at the helm, this is certainly a possibility, so watch the company’s online spaces to ensure that one never misses an update on what will come next for Ethan and the team. Contact Details (To Be Published) Contact: Ethan Croke Company: EC Precision Ltd Web Address: Feb24108