Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

Jul22493 25. Xi’an Street Food’s seven sites, with two in Dublin, all serve as integral elements of the award-winning Hitanland Limited, a group that has been specialising in the providing of high-quality and authentic Asian cuisine dining experiences inspired by China’s Xi’an region for more than a decade now. Specialising in toeing the line between excellence and value, the teams at these locations expertly blend Asia’s bold flavours with the preferences of the European palette, losing none of the distinction in the process. Celebrated here for its recently renovated restaurant that can be found in Dublin at 16 North Earl Street, Xi’an Street Food offers patrons a casual setting and tasty comfort food, all at prices so reasonable that they have to be seen to be believed. This authentic Chinese restaurant accurately recreates the unmistakable tastes of the country’s Xi’an region with fresh food that is made daily. From the unique crafting of its hand-pulled noodles through to the bread of Roujiamo and everything in between, dishes from this meticulously devised menu are crafted by Chinese chefs with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Two of the most requested dishes at the establishment are its hand-pulled noodles and the spice bag, with the uniquity of these hand-pulled noodles unable to be overstated, as they are made from scratch on-site every morning before being tossed in any one of the restaurant’s home-made sauces. As for the spice bag, this Irish/Chinese hybrid boasts a spice rub that contains a home-made chilli oil, offering up a rare kick that is sure to appease lovers of hot food. As the owner explains, “our other [most] loved dishes include the roujiamo, freshly made dumplings, Gong Bao Chicken, [and] Nasi Goreng.” With a commitment to constantly changing up its menu and introducing new dishes based on customer feedback, requests, and choices, new and current dishes alike are certain to become somebody’s favourite as a result of the consistency of the offerings. After all “the secret to staying ahead of any curve in any industry is to constantly innovate and really stay close to your customers.” Moreover, after noticing that, “customers want to try new dishes and aren’t scared of experimenting”, the staff are motivated to innovate and get their creative juices flowing, so as to provide diners with the best possible food and a terrific experience to match. Additionally, since Dublin is a highly multicultural city and thrives on the bustling tourist trade it proudly garners, the diverse tastebuds seeking food at Xi’an Street Food are certain to find something that they will love. Diversity is not the only advantage of being based in Ireland, and the team can enjoy leveraging the country’s convenient location, its business-friendly environment that offers low corporate tax rates, and strong local economy that is comprised of consumers who are willing to explore new dining experiences and spend their money on excellent, high-quality food. The company “always puts the customer first, and we believe the rest will follow.” Every member of staff across the site cares deeply about customers, a trait that is “nonnegotiable”. The right attitude is also praised, and staff are afforded ample opportunity for career growth, learning, and development throughout their time with Xi’an Street Food, where they will be exposed to both the rewards and challenges synonymous with running a busy restaurant. When it comes to the future of Xi’an Street Food, specifics are still very much under wraps, but the owner is happy to share with us its ongoing, steadfast commitment to continuing to pioneer regarding its menu, all while keeping its prices highly competitive so as to make its excellent food and great service available to all, regardless of their budget. With an exemplary menu and a dedicated workforce determined to make great things happen, this Chinese street food restaurant in the heart of Dublin is more than worthy of being celebrated with this Irish Enterprise Award. Company: Xi’an Street Food (Hitianland Limited) Web Address: Street Food Restaurant of the Year 2024 - Dublin