Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 Outdoor Event Production Company of the Year 2024 & Customer Service Excellence Award 2024 Providing lighting, staging, visuals, LED screens, lasers, and draping to events of all sizes, Just Lite Productions is Ireland’s leading production company, a status it has earned on the back of it continuously demonstrating a thorough understanding of what it is that a client expects, and then mapping out these visions so as to make them tangible realities. Bolstered by a workforce whose combined experience stretches out over more than a century in the industry, everybody from the creatives to the technicians and management professionals that comprise this team operate atop of an abundance of experience in diverse event settings. Paul Smith is on hand for more. The definable mark left by Just Lite Productions in the events space spans everything from huge outdoor music concerts and events through to festivals, arena shows, theatre productions, fashion shows, product launches on a global scale, and even light/music shows set against the backdrop of some of the landscape’s most impressive historical architecture. Paul explains, “with an extensive inventory of top-notch equipment, technical mastery, and a wealth of experience, we guarantee an event that aligns seamlessly with your vision. Our commitment lies in delivering flexibility and enthusiasm throughout the entire process, ensuring an exceptional and tailored experience for our clients.” Aside from guaranteeing that every event on which it works lives up to the desired level of uniquity and personalisation, what truly sets Just Lite productions apart is an innate sense of creative ingenuity. It is famed for pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved across the variety of spaces in which it operates, conceptualising and subsequently executing a series of bespoke and memorable designs that give each event the desired extraordinary feel, whether this be the providing of an immersive lighting experience, an innovative stage design, or anything in between. A big part of ensuring that this is carried out time and again is through the adoption of a collaborative approach when it comes to working with clients, a method comprised of effective communication, meticulous attention to detail, and a flexible attitude to managing their needs. Elaborating on this further, Paul tells us, “our goal is to not only flawlessly execute every event but also to leave a lasting, positive impression, fostering long-term relationships and earning enthusiastic referrals”, the end result being an events provider that is not just an option, but the choice in providing a remarkable time for everybody. Since music is so firmly rooted in Irish culture, with the nation having produced some of the world’s most famous and revered artists, for Paul and the team, it is “deeply woven into the fabric of our nationhood” and is something that they are all extremely passionate about. Moreover, across this beautiful landscape, there are venues of all shapes and sizes, from huge sports stadiums to arenas and even an abundance of countryside in which to host the business’ award-winning outdoor events. Commenting on this, Paul enthuses, “Ireland consistently provides an extensive selection of perfectly fitted venues, ensuring a rich and varied landscape for musical experiences.” Along with music, what really unites this team is the positive internal culture that runs throughout, an environment Paul describes as being defined by a dynamic, enviable blend of, “creativity, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence.” Across the board, innovation is encouraged and the diverse talent pool at its disposal celebrated. Such collaboration is an instrumental factor in the company’s success, since it promotes the qualities of technical expertise and a passion for pioneering being integrated into this suite of services in a seamless fashion. When it comes time to recruit new talent, Just Lite Productions looks beyond just the relevant technical skills, seeking people who instead fully embody the company’s values and possess a like-minded commitment to exceeding the expectations of clients at every turn. Traits essential in doing this include possessing a flair for innovation, an adaptable nature, and a drive to go above and beyond for the business’ client base, all elements that have contributed to the company being recognised here with our Customer Service Excellence Award 2024. In the past 12 months alone, just some of the huge events that Just Lite Productions has worked on include Tom Jones’ show at Ormeau Park, Depeche Mode’s concert at Malahide Castle and Gardens, Dermot Kennedy in Marlay Park, and even President Biden’s visit to Ballina. If this client portfolio does not demonstrate excellence and reliability, then one wonders what else could. Contact: Paul Smith Company: Just Lite Productions Web Address: Jan24575