Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

Jul22493 29. Jul22493 Ennis Window Cleaning & Power Washing Services is one of the largest local window cleaning and power washing companies in Ennis, County Clare. The company has worked hard to earn an outstanding reputation over the years, serving the industrial, residential, and commercial industries in Clare, Galway, Tipperary, and Limerick. Here, we dive deeper into the work of Ennis Window Cleaning & Power Washing Services and the reasons behind its success in the Irish Enterprise Awards 2024. Established in 1990 by Business Owner Kevin Cosgrove, Ennis Window Cleaning & Power Washing Services provides a range of property maintenance services to a loyal customer base, which includes local schools, churches, offices, supermarkets, construction companies, domestic properties, and more. Built on a foundation of hard work, dedication, honesty and job perfection, the company believes that everything looks better when it has been thoroughly cleaned. Operating in a competitive industry, Ennis Window Cleaning & Power Washing Services sets itself apart from its competitors through its extensive range of services, which include window cleaning, power washing, soft washing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and chimney cleaning. As suggested by its name, the company’s core offerings are window cleaning and power washing. Catering to those who are too busy or do not have the correct equipment to clean their windows themselves, Ennis Window Cleaning & Power Washing Services offers contract work for the industrial and commercial sectors as well as a call-out service for the residential market. The company’s team are extensively experienced and trained in using both traditional and modern methods to clean windows for clients, leaving them sparkling every time. The traditional method of washing windows involves using a ladder, a bucket of water and detergent, an applicator, and a squeegee. On the other hand, the more modern “pure water” technique refers to the use of lightweight telescopic poles that pump 100% pure deionised water onto the window. At the end of the pole is a fixed soft brush head that the operative can use to clean windows, frames, panelling, canopies, PVC, fascia, and conservatory roofs. This enables staff to reach high rise windows without a ladder. Another key service delivered by Ennis Window Cleaning & Power Washing Services is power washing and soft washing. The company specialises in cleaning roofs, walls, paths, and drives that appear dirty due to mould, mildew, algae, smoke, bird droppings, sand, dust, leaves, and dried mortar splashes from brick work. Removing algae and other unsightly species can not only be tricky but also very dangerous without the proper equipment, requiring elbow grease and knowledge of what works. The Ennis Window Cleaning & Power Washing Services team are equipped with vast experience in dealing with the removal of algae, utilising the latest technologies, equipment, and practices in high pressure washing to remove them from any structure, no matter how tall or complex. The company takes care to ensure the safety of its staff and others by implementing the proper controls and supervision. However, power washing alone does not kill the spores that cause the dirty appearance of moss, lichen, and algae on surfaces. By killing the spores through biocidal soft washing, the speed of regrowth can be dramatically decreased, which means the surface will look cleaner for longer. Often, Ennis Window Cleaning & Power Washing Services restores clients’ roofs, walls, paths, and drives to their original condition through these services. Over the years, Ennis Window Cleaning & Power Washing Services has consistently delivered exceptional results, enabling it to build strong relationships with its customers. For this reason, many individuals and businesses are willing to put their trust in the company in times of emergency. The team are friendly and committed to their work, aiming to collaborate with the customer to accommodate their varied property maintenance needs. Given the importance of its workforce, Ennis Window Cleaning & Power Washing Services strives to recruit individuals with a great work ethic who are motivated to go above and beyond for customers. The company treats its employees with respect and dignity, offering them a good salary in return for their hard work. For its continued excellence in the property maintenance industry, Ennis Window Cleaning & Power Washing Services has recently been named Best Commercial Window Cleaning Company, County Clare, in the Irish Enterprise Awards 2024. In the years ahead, the business plans to grow slowly whilst maintaining the unrivalled quality of its work. Contact Details Contact: Kevin Cosgrove Company: Ennis Window Cleaning & Power Washing Services Web Address: Best Commercial Window Cleaning Company 2024 - County Clare Feb24265