Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

Aug22136 31. Most Innovative Waste Treatment Systems 2024 - Dublin Designing, building, and operating its patented Pharmafilter advanced on-site hospital and wastewater and waste treatment system, Pharmafilter Group Holdings’ exemplary technology that has netted it this award works by decontaminating infectious clinical waste and purifying the wastewater that stems from Healthcare. All of this clean water is then recycled, used for flushing toilets, watering plants, and washing cars, for example. Driven by a philosophy that celebrates a patients-first approach, it is the aim of the company behind this award-winning waste treatment system to restore the healthcare climate balance and create a circular value chain across the industry. Peter Kelly tells us more. Proud to be the only company with a patented and proven technology that is the best in its class when it comes to the dual function of on-site healthcare waste and wastewater treatment, Pharmafilter’s distinction stems from the efficiency of the superior results that it garners, outcomes that are far greater than the conventional processes used in the past. At the heart of this business is a commitment, whereby, along with its clients, it is driven to combat the spread of the deadly global threat that is antimicrobial-resistant bacteria, ultimately reducing the number of infections acquired in hospitals across the world, as well as in a host of other settings as well. The cleanliness and safety of hospital facilities is paramount for patients, staff, and visitors alike, so retaining this while promoting change and sustainability, all in a setting that is one of the biggest polluters across industry, is no easy task. Yet, by leveraging its innovative streak, unique insights, and robust partnerships, Pharmafilter’s technology can continue to evolve, “in conjunction with the changing needs of our clients in hospitals, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other sectors requiring our technology, such as airports and life sciences campuses”, as Peter explains. In the process, not only is risk removed, but security of supply is granted, and all the desired attributes delivered on. Operating in a variety of different market segments, this team are witnessing one notable common thread, this being a change in policy on the back of the EU’s new social responsibility and legislation of wastewater, rulings that are very much centred around “polluter pays.” As for how this impacts the Irish market specifically, Peter tells us, “the sustainability programme within Irish Hospitals and the HSE [Health Service Executive] has intensified and is now being heavily resourced by introducing more professionals with the desired varied skill sets to the team”, in short, establishing the next generation of talented personnel in this area. Across the country, settings such as hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, and airports all exist as unique and self-contained ecosystems. Since these heterogeneous environments have to coexist and cater to a diverse array of needs at any one time, many risk factors are involved, and thanks to some of the policies like those listed above, this new technology could not have come at a better time for both these settings and our wider environment. As Peter explains, “we at Pharmafilter Group Holdings are ahead of the curve and intend to maintain that position.” By way of an example of this proactive approach taken regarding the solidification of the business’ leading status, Peter tells us, “when we were in the concept stage of designing the Pharmafilter system, we worked closely with the staff of hospitals to create a system for today but, importantly, for the future [also,] and developed a platform solution.” Pharmafilter’s offerings are thus the ideal choice for those who have embraced the necessity of acting immediately regarding both their impact on the environment and pushing towards greater sustainability. As touched on above, Ireland is proudly leading the charge in this space, having embraced both its own local and EU-wide directives on these very areas. Harnessing the power of its inclusive and open culture that prioritises an emphasis on communication, thinking as a collective, and embodying its shared values that are held so dear, the company’s future looks incredibly bright, with several developments planned in Ireland, the UK, and Europe. One notable development is Pharmafilter Group Holdings introducing its new system to hospitals through service contracts, something that helps in relieving pressure on the budget when its pioneering system is deployed. Beyond 2024, the company mission remains clear, to deliver cutting-edge systems that are designed to exceed the waste and wastewater treatment needs of its customers everywhere. Contact: Peter Kelly Company: Pharmafilter Group Holdings Web Address: Feb24129