Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

30. EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 Feb24169 Comprised of a mixed team of engineers, BIM (Building Information Modelling/Management) architects, software developers, and 3D designers, Comhar Design Ltd (operating as CTG 3D), stands a beacon of innovation and excellence in this space. Guided by its passionate and distinguished team, this business is both leveraging and transforming the power of 3D technology for the better, focusing its efforts primarily on the highly regulated industries of biotech and pharmaceuticals. Operations Manager Jessica Egan is on hand to tell us more. With equal experience working for small and large pharma companies alike, spanning everything from BIM projects through to AR and VR (augmented and virtual reality) software development for the purposes of training and workplace enhancement, it is the mission of CTG 3D to, “challenge everything to change the narrative.” Expanding on this further, Jessica tells us, “this means that we aim to be industry disruptors by challenging current conventional thought on how BIM and 3D technology have been used up to this point.” Central to this is changing the way that its clients both approach and access such technology, utilising it for their own gain in ways they had likely never even thought of. Regarding BIM, the company is distinguished in this space thanks to the holistic approach that it provides, working closely with the relevant teams in partner businesses so as to create the optimum solution for their specific needs. This is all undertaken under the guiding light of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) process, a series of means that ultimately define an excellent standard of operation. As Jessica explains, “nobody else does everything that we do. Other BIM companies will support different aspects of conception and construction, but nobody else truly supports full scale operations via BIM.” The second area of note is mixed reality, with CTG 3D specialising in the development of VR and AR training applications, once more developing bespoke solutions that adhere to all client needs. Moreover, this team have developed a series of wholesale and standardised training applications that are available for purchase, with these embodying a similar level of distinction. Diving deeper, Jessica states, “by helping our customers leverage mixed reality, we can help them lower costs and improve staff skillsets. AR and VR are a minimal overhead cost compared to in-field training, […] [and] the level of realism that we have been able to achieve through our applications is much higher than our competitors.” At the heart of such sustained success is the company’s location, with Ireland being famed for its world-class talent in the pharmaceuticals sector and diverse talent pool of 3D developers and other such creative minds, many of whom are drawn to the country thanks to its renowned supportive business culture and strategic location. For Jessica, “this concentration of pharmaceutical expertise has created a dynamic environment that encourages collaboration and innovation, making Ireland a key player in the global pharmaceutical industry.” On the back of its country’s innate expertise in this sector, CTG 3D continues to leverage all of the resources at its disposal to solidify its frontrunner position. As a prime example of this, the team are incredibly excited to share their new application, Omnisus, which is set to launch in the market later this year. This new mixed reality training application and all-round workplace enhancement tool utilises the powers of both virtual and augmented reality across a range of devices, including iOS, to train users effectively. Elaborating further on this technology, Jessica explains, “users will be able to interact with the 3D models of their chosen exercise, either on an iPad screen or by reaching out to touch it whilst wearing a HoloLens. For a fully immersive experience, users can be transported to a VR replica of their workspace, using a Quest headset.” She continues, “all versions of the Omnisus application can feature key training and operations tools such as videos, production calendars, and any standard operating procedures library currently in use. […] All of this can be managed, updated, and changed at any time using the database and web-editor.” As one can imagine, having all of the above in one convenient and easy-to-use application can demonstrably enhance training and development experiences for all employees, business-wide, again at just a fraction of the overall cost of undertaking such rigorous training in an in-person setting. Since this is just one of the many fantastic options that it provides, CTG 3D proudly serves as the ultimate choice for all of one’s AR, VR, BIM, and other 3D technology needs. Contact: Jessica Egan Company: Comhar Design Ltd (CTG 3D) Web Address: Leading Innovators in 3D Technology 2024