Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

Jul22493 33. Jul22493 Situated in the heart of Claremorris, County Mayo, Alisan Oriental Restaurant is a quaint Asian restaurant offering a vast menu of Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and Malaysian cuisine. Creating delightful international dishes with local twists, the business aims to immerse its community in the authentic flavours of the world. Situated between Galway and Sligoin in the west of Ireland, Claremorris is a charming, vibrant, and historic town known for its hospitality and friendliness. With plenty of things to see, places to stay, and establishments to dine and drink the night away, it is a great place to visit when exploring the rocky cliffs, blue flag beaches, and picturesque towns of Ireland’s scenic County Mayo. Tucked away on Mount Street in Claremorris town centre, Alisan Oriental Restaurant is a tastefully decorated, atmospheric eatery committed to delivering high-quality Asian cuisine along with unparalleled customer service. In 2019, the business was established by Gejun Chen, who was inspired to introduce Asian food culture to the local community in Claremorris following an impressive 20-year career in the Asian catering industry. Alisan Oriental Restaurant also aimed to enhance Ireland’s multicultural society and contribute towards the thriving local food culture. Today, Alisan Oriental Restaurant serves a broad customer base of local people and tourists, all of whom are seeking an exceptional service experience and, most importantly, delicious food. In order to meet and exceed their expectations, the restaurant has built a team of chefs with more than 10 years of work experience. Using the freshest and best local ingredients, they craft dishes that are the best and most innovative in town. Furthermore, all front-of-house employees undergo rigorous training to ensure their ability to deliver excellent service. As a restaurant serving Asian food in a small Irish town, Alisan Oriental Restaurant adopts a unique management method that combines both Chinese and Western practices. Whilst its main chefs are from Asia, the rest of its staff are locals, facilitating effective communication with customers. Another core aspect of the business and its operations is innovation. Through this, the team have cultivated their own unique catering culture and continue to introduce new dishes on an annual basis. Currently, Alisan Oriental Restaurant boasts an extensive menu featuring a range of dishes for customers to choose from. For example, one popular menu item is the Bangkok-style Massaman curry, which is a spicy sauce made from Massaman curry paste, a chosen meat or vegetables, and coconut milk. Another much-loved dish is the amber shredded chicken, which is marinated in hot tomato chilli Szechuan-style sauce and stir-fried with julienne of pepper, onion, carrots, and fresh chillies. Alongside these popular items, Alisan Oriental Restaurant offers many other dishes, ranging from Japanese yakisoba noodles to Malaysian nasi goring to roast duck hot pot. Furthermore, the restaurant caters to children, offering a kids’ menu of chicken nuggets, popcorn chicken, spring rolls, BBQ ribs, and chips. Over the years, Alisan Oriental Restaurant has noticed that, during significant festivals like National Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas, locals have developed a tradition of enjoying Asian food. The business has leaned into this trend, posting seasonal promotional content on its social media accounts. For example, it recently hosted a St Patricks Day giveaway to celebrate the occasion, increase brand awareness, and gain more customers. For its continued success in delivering high-quality food and exceptional customer service, Alisan Oriental Restaurant has been named Best Local Asian Restaurant, County Mayo, in the Irish Enterprise Awards 2024. Gejun Chen comments, “We express gratitude to the organisers for presenting us with this trophy. We are committed to continuing our efforts to bring the best Asian food experience to the local Irish people.” Contact: Gejun Chen Company: Garry Catering limited Web Address: Best Local Asian Restaurant 2024 - County Mayo Jan24669