Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

34. EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 Jan24517 For two decades, Dr David Lucey has worked as an Irish doctor with a background in surgery and oncology. For several years he is exclusively practicing Aesthetic Medicine. David strives to help clients become the best version of themselves while preserving their natural beauty. From his South William St clinic in Dublin 2, he administers tailored treatment plans according to clients’ unique facial features. For his discrete and reliable service, we have honoured Dr David Lucey with this year’s award for Best Facial Aesthetician (Dublin). As a solo practitioner, Dr David Lucey aims to provide an excellent alternative to factory clinics who do not treat clients as individuals. His unmarked clinic on South William St provides a discrete service whilst been close to several car parks. David provides his diverse client base with a personal service, aiming to enhance facial aesthetics to help clients look and feel their best. Every face has its own attributes, and David takes the time to liaise with clients and plan around their unique features. He is dedicated to designing a tailored treatment option to get the best possible result for every client. His popular treatments include anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, lip fillers, and hydroboosters. Dr Lucey says, “Other people should not be able to tell that work has been done when it is done correctly. I believe in being honest with people and managing expectations. There is no rush or hard sell, and you will be given more than enough time to ask questions. I want my client to feel relaxed and not under any pressure. Less is more.” Unlike many aesthetic practitioners who train in nursing and dentistry, David Lucey has been a trained doctor for 20 years. In 2003, he graduated from UCD with an honours degree in Medicine and became a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. David has previously worked as a lecturer in head and neck surgery where he became interested in the anatomy of the face. For the past five years, David has worked from a discrete, solo clinic which allows only one client inside at any given time by appointment only. Clients receive David’s private number to ensure that he is always contactable for follow-up queries and further questions. Lee McCann, one enthusiastic client, says, “Dr Lucey is an expert in his field. When discussing your concerns and hopes, not only does he explain what he recommends, he never tries to sell unnecessary treatments. He shows you in the mirror why you have the aging concerns you have, why the structure of your face changes with time, and what treatment he advises to counteract this. I trust him completely with my face as I know he will work his magic. During the treatment he causes little to no pain, he works quickly and efficiently, and the result is natural. He is the very best at what he does, and I would and have recommended him far and wide.” Clients can easily reach his clinic’s central location and have been known to travel across the country to access his services. As health systems recover following the pandemic, hygiene and infection control remains essential. Since qualifying, David spent over a decade and a half working in surgery and oncology and has extensive experience in mitigating risks. David prides himself on offering a bespoke service in a professional environment. Over the coming year, David plans to open two bi-monthly clinics in Meath and Kildare to extend his services to a wider audience. His philosophy is that every individual seeking Aesthetic Medicine should receive tailored treatment to meet their unique requirements. As a solo practitioner, David works directly with clients to preserve their defining features and enhance their natural beauty. With a low sell approach, David prides himself on honesty, explaining treatments in detail for full transparency. Recognised in this year’s Irish Enterprise Awards, David is passionate about enhancing clients’ appearances with enhancement services for facial rejuvenation. 0867225735 Contact: David Lucey Company: The Beauty Doc Web Address: Instsgram Best Facial Aesthetician 2024 (Dublin): Dr. David Lucey