Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

38. EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 Feb24205 The multi-award-winning life coach, trainer, and speaker Shane Pearson is the mastermind behind Design Your Life Coaching, a service that is on a mission to help as many people as possible to attain better health and wellbeing by spurring on the positive changes that will last them a lifetime. Rooted in the belief that there is now enough information at our fingertips to overhaul our health and wellness, it is Shane’s overarching aim to help them to harness this knowledge, in turn unlocking a world of education and empowerment, leveraging the right knowledge, resources, and mindset to get the desired results. We catch up with Shane to find out more. Revolving primarily around four branches, Design Your Life Coaching specialises in providing one-to-one coaching, a corporate wellness service, training and mentoring, and a series of online wellness courses that focus on both personal and professional development. Shane’s unrivalled expertise can thus help with everything from driving the transformation of an individual’s poor mindset, to improving the health and wellbeing of a group of employees, mentoring and upskilling already trained coaches, and optimising one’s nutrition intake for maximum wellness. Aside from this comprehensive suite of available services, Shane’s distinguishment in this industry is three-fold, namely his experience, expertise, and empathy. As one of the first to be certified, most experienced, and highly credentialed health and wellness coaches across Ireland, Shane is honoured to have been mentored by the pioneering figure, Dr. Michael Arloski, and has since trained to the top level of neuro-linguistic programming and serves as a fully qualified nutritional therapist, highlighting his blend of a unique body and mind approach that further sets him apart. Having operated in a number of settings over the last two decades, Shane has experience working closely with some of the largest corporations in the country, where he has utilised his famed nononsense, compassionate, and heart-centric style to garner maximum results, but never at the expense of the person that was stood before him. This favoured approach is more important now than ever before, as in the wake of the pandemic, mental health conditions and discussions around mental health are becomingly increasingly prevalent, with stress and anxiety dominating discourses on the subject. Shane stresses how important it is for Design Your Life Coaching to leverage the complex connection between our mental wellbeing and the function of our brains, something that is aided by increasing research in areas such as lifestyle medicine. Shane explains, “our mission is to educate, equip, and empower our clients to live healthier, happier lives so we need to know what works – and what doesn’t!” He continues, “this allows us to integrate the latest insights into our coaching methodologies, refining our products and services to offer maximum impact for both individuals and companies.” Operating in a relatively small country like Ireland, Shane believes that the best way to go about achieving this is to prioritise strong personal connections and nurture the power of word of mouth. As he tells us, “building win-win relationships and helping individuals achieve tangible results leads to satisfied clients”, and there is no better marketing tool than the success story of a satisfied client. For Shane, “by focusing on providing genuine value and supporting individuals on their journey towards positive change, I’ve witnessed the incredible impact of word-of-mouth recommendations.” As for what the future will hold, Shane is currently busy working away behind the scenes on some new service offerings that will aid the business in its expansion plans, furthering its reach and enabling more people across the globe to be served through both group coaching programmes and a growing array of online courses. Regarding the future more broadly, Shane comments, “in the coming years, we believe AI will be a massively disruptive technology across nearly every industry on the planet, leading to more and more automation and the democratisation of knowledge & expertise.” In terms of what this will mean for the industry, Shane explains, “you may soon have access to an AI bot that can act like the best health consultant the world has ever seen through an app on your phone! Your very own assistant offering you personalised health recommendations based on your unique genetics, biochemistry, and lifestyle!” Of course, this knowledge alone is not enough to garner a lasting positive change, and Shane plans to continue Design Your Life Coaching’s human-to-human approach, sticking around as long as possible to add measurable value to the lives of his clients. Contact: Shane Pearson Company: Design Your Life Coaching Web Address: Best Life Coach 2024: Shane Pearson