Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

Aug22136 39. Tattoo Studio of the Year 2024 – Dublin & Customer Service Excellence Award No matter how tattooed you are, getting a new piece of art permanently placed upon your skin is a big commitment that requires a talented artist to truly realise your vision. Promising this in abundance is The Ink Factory – a Dublin-based tattoo and piercing studio that invites all types of individuals to come and see what its exceptionally gifted team is capable of. Partnered with its Temple Bar location, The Ink Factory manages to flawlessly balance being known as a cultural hub and an inclusive space for Europe’s best tattoo artists. Join us as we delve into how The Ink Factory has gone on to make its mark on Dublin’s tattooing industry. Situated at the epicentre of Dublin, where locals and tourists mingle in perfect harmony, The Ink Factory is a Temple Bar based studio whose flourish for providing clients with tattoos of exceptional quality displays itself each and every day. Having initially opened its doors in 2014 to serve as a social hub, tattoo studio, barbers, and coffee shop, The Ink Factory now boasts two additional studios – one just a few feet away from the first, and another settled all the way in Brooklyn. No matter the location, The Ink Factory promises to present clients with an endless selection of beautiful designs, each accented by the artists’ personal touches and styles. Truly, The Ink Factory embraces the world around it at every turn, resulting in it possessing a staff of over 29 passionate artists, each able to ink tattoos that never fail to impress. Whether a client is looking for a custom tattoo, a brand new piercing, or wanting to sample the studio’s stylish merchandise, The Ink Factory looks to provide with the utmost enthusiasm. It’s clear that the collective is exceptionally proud of the inclusive atmosphere that it has cultivated over the past decade, so much so that it happily invites people of all ages and backgrounds to develop their own personal style from the moment they walk through the door. This is only further empowered by the dynamic setting it surrounds itself with – thanks to its location in Temple Bar, it has the honour of experiencing the lives of all types of individuals. In short, The Ink Factory is only happy when other people are happy, and looks to forge an unforgettable experience that’ll have everyone leaving with a smile. This energy further extends to its love for fundraising, through which it gives back to the community that has helped to uplift it over the years. Since 2015, The Ink Factory has been hosting events that involve almost all of its artists, where over 300 people have the chance to donate money to local charities while getting tattooed at the same time. During these moving events, 100% of profits go straight to each charity. Following the sad and unexpected passing of The Ink Factory’s Founder, John Connolly, at just 33 years old, the JC Foundation was created to provide mental health support for young people around Dublin – helping individuals to live their lives to the fullest and have access to therapists who can help. In the past year alone, the JC Foundation has donated 85,000 euros to The Canal Communities Regional Addiction Service for struggling youth, with more to undoubtedly follow later this year. Even for tattoo veterans, getting a new piece of ink can be a daunting experience, especially when visiting a studio you’ve never been to before. Thankfully, The Ink Factory is one of few who are aware of this fact, resulting in it investing countless time and boundless effort to cultivate an atmosphere in which everybody thrives. In doing so, it’s created an imprint on Dublin’s tattooing industry that doesn’t only see it producing quality pieces of lifelong art for its diverse range of clients, but also explores the immense depth of passion presented by the collective. As such, we’re beyond excited to share The Ink Factory’s recent accolade with our readers, and we wish it luck in its upcoming American venture. Contact: Rob Connolly Company: The Ink Factory Web Address: Feb24203