Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 A business that was built from the memory of its owners’ German Shepherd, Duke, after he passed on, the unconditional love that was felt resulted in the ideas for each and every product that today proudly graces the Fur Fox Sake website, with his paw print even being featured on the company’s famed The Dog Father designs. As Gina tells us, “we know from personal experience after our beloved Duke died how it really helps in the grieving process to […] show that people care and understand that a pet’s death really can be, and is, as real as a human’s. So, we are here to provide products from the fun gifts for pet lovers and their fur-kids to that unfortunate stage at the other end.” Integral to the success of this business has been its swiftness at staying ahead of the industry curve, with innovative, high-quality, unisex clothing coming to be synonymous with Unisex Clothing Brand of the Year 2024 The animal-loving, eco-friendly clothing business Fur Fox Sake provides pet owners with products that celebrate their love for animals, while simultaneously being kind to the planet thanks to the sustainable, environmentally friendly nature of its offerings. A business that is proudly ran by an Irish family, the Fur Fox Sake clothing range is comprised of high-quality items that are designed to last and be enjoyed for many years to come. Comprised of fun and quirky designs that animal fans of all ages are sure to love, the company also offers products that celebrate the life of a pet that has passed on, helping its customers through the grieving process. Gina Tierney is on hand for more. Feb24088 the brand. Not only will customers love these products for their designs, but they will also be enamoured with the comfort, softness, and cosiness that is afforded by each and every garment. The best thing? Every year, 10% of all of the business’ profits go to an animal charity of the founders’ choosing, as they firmly believe that all animals on our planet are equally important and should be provided with nothing short of the love, compassion, and care that they deserve. Expanding further on the specifics of the brand’s terrific products, beginning with its t-shirts, there is of course the aforementioned Dog Father range, with these t-shirts sporting a print of Duke’s paw in addition the name of the range in the unmistakable font of the entity from which it is derived. Then, there are other t-shirts with similarly quirky captions, such as, “My Best Friend has Paws”, “Fairy Dog Mother”, “My Dog is Cuter than your Kid”, and “This is my Dog-Hair Shirt”, to name just a few. Other t-shirts on offer come with a simple image of the brand’s logo, a geometric fox shape, which is instantly recognisable and celebrates one’s affinity for both animals and style. Regarding its line of hoodies, these are too available in some of the designs mentioned above, this in addition to such unique captions as, “This is my Dog Walking Hoodie”, “Crazy Dog Lady”, and “Dog Mother, Wine Lover”, again to highlight just a few choice selections. In a similar vein, a range of other apparel is too available, comprising of beanies, socks, and baseball caps, again sporting a number of fantastic designs that are sure to bring a smile to one’s face. Aside from just clothing, this online store offers such products as signs, magnets, mugs, frames, tea towels, tote bags, and even poop bags. As touched on previously, Fur Fox Sake is well aware of the difficulties stemming from losing a pet, and with its range of pet memorial gifts, an owner and their loved ones can help aid in this grieving process with a keepsake that is as unique and special as the everlasting memories of their pet. From picture frames through to memorial stones, a bereavement book/booklet, signs, ornaments, and keyrings, along with a series of pet sympathy cards, there is something for everyone who is managing the loss of their best furry friend, allowing their memory