Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

5. Unisex Clothing Brand of the Year 2024 to live on much in the same way as Duke’s does through the Fur Fox Sake brand. With t-shirts that are comprised of 100% organic cotton and hoodies that are 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester, Fur Fox Sake’s environmental commitments are too on display throughout this operation, and the brand is immensely proud to boast its status as an eco-conscious business. The benefits to using organic cotton and recycled polyester over their standard counterparts are vast, with organic cotton using far less water and being free from pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and other GMOs that are harmful to the environment. As such, the soil, water, air, and even cotton farmers themselves are free from the associated poisons, making organic cotton much better for overall health and the wider ecosystem. As for recycled polyester, this reusing process, which can be carried out again and again, totally eradicates the need for new petroleum, thus lowering the demand for fossil fuels and contributing measurably to a reduction in the carbon footprint left behind, as this method of recycling polyester creates up to 75% less CO2 than virgin polyester. Regarding its packaging, the business takes choosing its boxes very seriously, and the process it has adopted is meticulous and robust. All of its packaging is 100% vegan, with this even extending to all glues or inks used, not to mention the boxes themselves. Each box has been designed so that it can be used more than once, utilising an innovative strip opening so that the box remains intact even after it has been opened, making it ideal for returning the product if needed. Of course, in the likely scenario that the customer keeps both the product and the box it came in, the box is so sturdy that it can be used for effective storage, or even in an arts and crafts setting. When it does come time to get rid of this FSC-certified packaging, it will break down to the natural elements that are found in nature, disintegrating and leaving behind not a trace, even down to the soil remaining toxin-free. Moreover, any and all tissue paper or other packing filler used is entirely eco-friendly, completely free of plastic, and totally recyclable. Every purchase will also garner the planting of a tree, as for each box and piece of tissue paper that is used, a tree is planted under the One Tree Planted banner, a renowned non-profit charity that plants trees across North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. It is solely down to the support of customers that Fur Fox Sake is able to play such a big part in contributing towards global reforestation. So, the more frequently that a customer chooses the brand for its clothing and pet product needs, the more our planet is helped. Since Fur Fox Sake is based in, and operates out of, Ireland, a beautiful country with terrific people, customers love supporting this local business while also receiving products of exceptional quality. As Gina tells us, “there are such great people in this country that love their animals just like we do, and [we are proud] to provide them with our clothing range and to see how happy it makes them.” However, like many countries, Ireland is currently experiencing a crisis across its rescue centres, and that is why the team are proud to support causes like this across their annual donation initiative, representing a proactive approach to achieving their stewardship aims. In closing, Gina captures the essence of the brand and its uniquity in this space, explaining, “we are a small business with just two of us, myself and my partner John... well two humans - the real bosses are our dog Penny and cat Toby! We have put our heart and soul into this business because of the passion we have for animals. We wanted to supply clothing that we knew fellow dog lovers would love and to put a smile on their faces, and to see that makes the late nights worthwhile!” Those who seek to support Fur Fox Sake can do so by visiting its online store and seeing for themselves the terrific products on offer that celebrate animals, and a commitment to the future of our planet, in equal measure. Contact Details Contact: Gina Tierney Company: Fur Fox Sake Web Address: