Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

42. EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 Jan24782 Created in 2017 by Peter Windischhofer, Kilian Kaminski, and Jürgen Riedl as a means to tackle the issue of wastage within the electronics industry, refurbed is a comprehensive online marketplace that had led a new way of thinking about how we consume. Through the revival and refurbishment of well-loved electronics, the company has already managed to have a staggeringly positive impact on the environment, with its services standing as a leading contribution to reducing waste on a monumental scale. Servicing all manner of devices from smartphones, tablets, and laptops, to day-to day electronics such as coffee makers, vacuum cleaners, and even multiple audio devices, refurbed presents a more affordable avenue for purchasing electronics, while simultaneously reducing the waste statistics generated by the electronic industry. Costing up to 40% less than new devices, and holding a 12 month warranty, refurbed’s products are playing a crucial role in encouraging individuals to reconsider how they access electronics. Partnered with its astounding customer service, there’s no better alternative for individuals looking to give their electronics a new lease of life, or purchase refurbished products that are guaranteed to satisfy their needs. refurbed has quickly earned itself a place within the sustainability sphere, with its services causing a reduction in CO2, water waste, and e-waste generation. So, while breathing life into older products, not only is refurbed creating a new life cycle for electronics, it’s simultaneously minimising the overall impact that it could potentially have on the environment. Making consumption more sustainable is the overall aim of the company, and it’s clear that it has long since accomplished this feat. With savings of 73% of e-waste, 80% of CO2 production, and 90% water usage vs new, refurbed has truly gone the extra mile for the sake of our planet. As such, we couldn’t be happier to share its excellence with our readers. Contact Details Contact: Pádraig Power Company: refurbed Web Address: Leading Electronic Refurbishment Company 2024