Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

Aug22136 43. Best Counselling & Psychotherapy Training Specialists 2024 Established in 1991 - a time before mental health was actively spoken about in mainstream media – PCI College was Liam McCarthy and Josephine Murphy’s answer to the rarely discussed desperation for more counsellors and psychotherapists. Having identified a real need for supportive and inclusive training for mature students, the pair channelled their passion into PCI College, which now holds multiple accolades for its work in training the counselling and psychotherapist specialists of tomorrow. Join us as we venture into the story of PCI College, and how its impact has helped transform thousands of lives across Ireland alone. The PCI College story begins in 1991, when two visionaries came together to develop something that they wholeheartedly believed would bring a new insight to the world of counselling and psychotherapy. Led by their combined desire to foster personal development and high academic standards, Liam McCarthy and Josephine Murphy joined forces to establish the foundation of the Personal Counselling Institute. In essence, this groundbreaking work allowed the pair to begin the process of spreading awareness of the importance of quality counselling and psychotherapy training, ultimately placing it on par with other guidance professions. And, when it became a valued collaborative partner of none other than Middlesex University in 2001, PCI College finally received the validation it deserved. Now, PCI College boasts over 30 years of experience in its craft, and yet it still embraces the work of its founders to continue raising academic standards when it comes to professional regulation. That doesn’t mean, however, that PCI College is looking to create a niche into which most can’t enter – instead, it keeps training accessible, while raising awareness of a huge range of issues that have become more prevalent in recent years. From handling topics such as depression and anxiety, to addiction, relationship difficulties, suicidal tendencies, and much more, PCI College prides itself on its ability to promote an integrative approach within its field alongside its fellow professionals. But just how does PCI College manage to have such a staggering impact on a dayto-day basis? Well, the answer lies in its extensive programmes, each characterised by a person-centred approach that further builds on the aforementioned integrative mindset. Throughout training, students are introduced to all of the main theorists within the field, as well as being presented with plenty of opportunities to delve into detailed topics that handle complex matters – be it abnormal psychology, loss and grief, substance addiction, and more. Through such an expensive breadth of training, combined with high quality, user-friendly teaching, PCI College has developed a framework that has consistently overseen the growth of its family of qualified counsellors and psychotherapists. In short, PCI College is the leading provider of third-level educational and professional development courses in the world of counselling and psychotherapy, while simultaneously providing guidance in mental health and wellbeing development. Empowered by the desire to “… Make transformative contributions to individuals and society as the leading educational establishment in the field of mental health and wellbeing, contributing significantly towards excellence in contemporary academic knowledge and ethical practice within the helping professions in Ireland…” the collective has accomplished exceptional feats that, in time, will come to benefit a staggering portion of the population. As such, it’s only natural that PCI College has accumulated such impeccable standing throughout its years. PCI College is, by far, the best at what it does. Not only did it identify an exceptionally overlooked issue at the time, but it further went on to devise solutions that would begin the essential healing process of the industry as a whole. Now, it trains, educates, and encourages counsellors and psychotherapists across the region, with its influence already helping to reshape lives on a massive scale. As such, we’re pleased to bring some deserved attention to PCI College and the work that it does to improve the ways in which mental health struggles are handled. We look forward to seeing just how many more lives it changes over the course of 2024. Contact: Carolina Cirillo Company: PCI College Web Address: Jan24700