Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

Jul22493 45. Jul22493 A huge congratulations goes out to McBride Property Ireland who have won our award for Best Emerging Contractor Provider, 2024! The hardworking team specialise in providing a comfortable space for tradespeople across Ireland, in prime locations, near most major work sites. The houses and apartments on offer are fully serviced, offering a home from home experience! Be it for short or long term stays, McBride Property Ireland promises to ensure a comfortable place to stay from a projects conception to its completion. Join us to explore how. Priding itself on its ability to provide a cosy, full-serviced space in which contractors and tradespeople alike can rest their head following a day filled with laborious work, McBride Property Ireland has quickly become the region’s most renowned accommodation provider. As part of its service, not only does it offer a comfortable home clients can call their own, but it does so while carrying out regular cleans, frequent bed linen changes, and routine maintenance checks. In addition, it also includes household bills and high speed Wi-Fi in its rates, leaving clients to focus on their major projects, while the amicable staff take care of the rest. And with its locations spanning some of Ireland’s most notable areas, McBride Property Ireland boasts an accessibility that simply can’t be ignored. In fact, McBride Property Ireland specifically sought out hotspots for major building projects across the country in order to streamline the process of getting to and from sites as quickly as possible. The collective entered into the business with the understanding that time is precious when starting work on a new project, ultimately leading to it opting for prime locations that drastically reduce the stress of trying to find accommodation. Instead, clients can rely upon McBride Property Ireland to provide exactly what they need, most likely exactly where they need it. It’s clear that, from its inception, McBride Property Ireland had the specific needs of the build industry in mind at all times, resulting in an exceptionally distinct service that most contractors can’t go without. McBride Property Ireland comments – “Unlike a hotel, staying with us, staff have access to a fully equipped kitchen, a washing machine, living and dining area, and often outdoor spaces. Depending on the client’s budget, staff members can opt for their own bedroom, or they can opt to share a bedroom with their colleagues to reduce costs. A lot of the serviced accommodation we offer is on the same estate, which is logistically perfect for large groups of 40 staff or more.” It’s this undeniable commitment to delivering incredible value for money, in tandem with personalised services and comfortable accommodation, that truly distinguishes McBride Property Ireland within the market. From its flexible approach, to its affordable rates, outstanding client relations, and intrinsic understanding of the detailed needs of the trade, the collective demonstrates a considerate approach to accommodation provision that is scarcely seen elsewhere. With the recent boom of Ireland’s construction industry, there’s never been more of an outcry for quality accommodation. Thankfully, McBride Property Ireland is eager to help, be it through its beyond comfortable spaces, or its close proximity to some of Ireland’s construction hotspots. Regardless of what a build company requires, the collective promises to provide at an astonishing rate, ultimately alleviating strain in both a literal and monetary sense for each and every client. It’s for this very reason that McBride Property Ireland has been recognised by EU Business News, and we can’t wait to see how this newly earned award title will serve to further empower such a reliable contractor accommodation provider. Contact: Roisin McBride, Tori Clinton, Fergal Lynch and Jodie Johnston Company: McBride Property Ireland Ltd Web Address: Best Emerging Contractor Accommodation Provider 2024 Feb24487 McBride Property Ireland