Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 Most Innovative H&S Software Solutions Provider 2024 Located in Galway, Ireland, market-leading workplace compliance solutions provider FlexManager is renowned in industry circles for its unique offering, this being the more than 80 different processes that it boasts which are all contained within one single product, the namesake FlexManager. By expertly detecting, developing, and guiding strategic decisions relating to better business performance, all in real time, this solution aids clients measurably by building a greater awareness of the robust safety culture that is necessary for success. Director of Sales Marketing Peter Mullins is on hand for more. For over 12 years, FlexManager has been changing the way that businesses work. Much more than a mere compliance tool, the transformative nature of this game-changing system totally reshapes the ways in which partner organisations can approach the areas of compliance, governance, and analytics. It is these latter three words that resulted in the formation of the necessary technology to yield the pioneering workplace compliance solution that the company is famed for. From saving clients hours of valuable admin time, to retrieving data with the simple click of a button, enabling the viewing of complete audit trails, and managing compliance from one location, FlexManager truly does it all. Technology of this calibre is perfectly suited to a world that is becoming increasingly automated and digitalised, the undercurrent of which in a business setting is a drive towards attaining greater compliance and efficiency in a working environment. As Peter explains, “specifically in Ireland, there’s a growing emphasis on regulatory adherence and safety standards, especially in industries like construction and manufacturing.” In a setting defined by constant change and shifts, it is vital for solutions providers like FlexManager to stay ahead of the curve, innovating and adapting to the trends of the wider market. Perhaps nowhere is this commitment to the endless task of working towards answering the unanswerable question of what is to come better on display than in FlexManager’s team working tirelessly to constantly innovate and refine their product and existing modules, so as to continue to exceed the ever-evolving needs of their diverse client base. The approach taken to achieving this is nothing less than holistic, and it spans such areas as advancing the technology used in the software, updating these solutions frequently so as to ensure that they run seamlessly, as well as carrying out anything else that may be necessary in order to remain one step ahead at all times. As for how the business does this with near pinpoint accuracy, Peter tells us, “we invest heavily in research and development to ensure our solutions align with industry needs and regulatory requirements, such as ISO 45001, 14001, and 9001, while adhering to ISO 27001.” It should come as no surprise that a company that specialises in compliance is wholly compliant in and of itself, and such a proactive approach when it comes to engaging with the wider sector has allowed this team to not only anticipate these shifts to a great degree of accuracy, but also offer an array of tailored solutions that empower their clients to stay ahead of the competition themselves. FlexManager’s staff have thus been instrumental in achieving this, a team of dedicated and hardworking individuals whose loyalty is rewarded with a terrific working environment whereby every member is valued and feels empowered and encouraged to contribute meaningfully to the important discussions that lead to the business achieving its overarching goals. These same traits are desired across the company’s hiring process, where, as Peter states, “we emphasise cultural fit as well as technical skills.” All new employees are then afforded a comprehensive onboarding and training process, the results of which being seamless integration into the whole and eager team members who can hit the ground running. Unmatched experts in the field, FlexManager’s team of experts have succeeded in not only creating, but also constantly updating, a robust safety software solution that is sure to exceed the expectations of those who use it at every turn. Spanning such necessities as realtime asset tracking, incident reporting tools, regulatory compliance software, and NFC technology for asset tracking, this award-winning asset management software is the right choice for those looking for true innovation. Bolstered by an expert support team who are there to make sure that 24/7 compliance is achieved, to partner with FlexManager is to embrace the future. Contact: Peter Mullins Company: FlexManager Web Address: Feb24677