Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

Aug22136 47. Most Dedicated 3D Printer Supplies & Support Company 2024 Established in 2011, it is the mission of Inspire 3D to cater to the changing needs of industry and education in Ireland, affording businesses and schools alike access to the latest 3D printing technologies for them to utilise in any way that they wish. First set up as a service bureau that would provide 3D printing services to customers, it was not long until this team began to notice that many of the requests that they were receiving were for in-house solutions. Thus, the company quickly expanded its offerings and today stands as a partner and distributor of many of the world’s leading 3D printer manufacturers. Managing Director Mark Rowan is on hand for more. Boasting an encompassing client base inclusive of average hobbyists, the majority of Ireland’s education bodies, medical and device manufacturers, and even key Irish government departments, Inspire 3D sells a variety of makes and models of 3D printing technology, empowering its customers through this extensive range of solutions that cover almost every possible need and application. Furthermore, this team are proud to offer a range of certified CPD training courses across all solutions, bolstered further by an excellent follow-up service and application assistance. Since 3D printing has no universal result, a big part of what this company does is finding an economical solution for its clients. As a result, Inspire 3D strives to provide its customers with easy access to these state-ofthe-art technologies and the latest materials that this landscape has to offer, working closely with them every step of the way. Mark explains, “this ethos has given Inspire 3D [the] reputation of an honest and open company”, one that goes above and beyond to find solutions that tick all the boxes, even if this means transcending its pre-stocked product range. Elaborating further on this, Mark tells us, “we don’t believe in selling customers machines that won’t work for their application. This is what we have built our reputation and service on and will always stick to it.” Such a rock-solid foundation serves as an excellent point for this company to build off of, managing and adapting to current industry trends with relative ease. One notable trend that is being experienced in this space at present is the speed at which this printing can now be done, with developments having really picked up in the last 18 months or so thanks to the introduction of Raise 3D’s Hyper FFF system. Mark explains that the demand for this system has been huge, “with several clients installing multiple machines allowing them to produce parts on demand as they need them.” Furthermore, it was just last year that Inspire 3D introduced the Builder brand products to Ireland, and this investment is already paying off. With the Builder 3D range of machines, Inspire 3D’s customers are able to easily scale up the size of their operation, both in terms of units and physical size, with the largest print size having expanded from a mere 300mm x 300mm x 600mm to the massive 1100mm x 1100mm x 820mm, all thanks to this line of machines. While advancements such as this almost tripling in size of the biggest product in its portfolio serve as an example of innovation done right, things are not always easy, and Mark states, “the 3D industry moves so fast it [is] sometimes hard to keep up with the advancements, but with plans to introduce several brands into Ireland over the next six months, it’s going to be a really exciting time.” Elaborating further on this, Mark explains, “we are expanding our product portfolio, increasing our current technologies, and [fostering] the introduction of several new very exciting technologies into Ireland later this year.” Several of these new products are set to be unveiled at a manufacturing and supply chain show in the RDS in May later this year, so those in attendance will be able to witness for themselves the exciting next chapter of this business. Finally, Mark signs off by telling us, “we are also continuing the roll out to expand our training services in collaboration with several education and training facilities around the country, increasing users’ knowledge and abilities with additive manufacturing.” From its home base in County Wicklow, Inspire 3D remains dedicated to providing truly transformative 3D supplies and support, and as such, has more than earned this Irish Enterprise Award that champions its excellence. Contact: Mark Rowan Company: Inspire 3D Web Address: Feb24290