Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 Most Customer-Focused Insurance Broker 2024 Specialists in family protection insurance, Dublin’s My Life Insurance excels in helping customers to find the cover that is best suited for them, all at the lowest cost, protecting the lives of those that they love through this simple, necessary process. As a family-owned company that has, been in the business for more than four decades, protected in excess of 5,000 families with a personalised plan for each, and that offers a free service and reviews and free claim care, the innate transparency present across its operations is solidified by it being voted as the country’s top broker by Best in Ireland. We speak with COO and Protection Insurance Advisor Darragh O’Connor. Driven by an unwavering mission to make sure that every family has the protection that they need and the necessary financial support for if the worst should happen, My Life Insurance’s seven-strong team possess a combined 100 years of experience in this space, leveraging an approach that revolves around treating every customer uniquely. As Darragh explains, “there is no-one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to family protection planning as everyone’s family situation is different. We check in every year with clients to see if the policy is still right for them.” It is this personalised, or customer-focused, approach that has resulted in My Life Insurance being celebrated with this award. There are three pillars that comprise the business’ advice process: personalised recommendations, a lowest price guarantee, and long-term relationship building. Central to this is the crafting of a personalised plan that ensures cover is achieved in the event of death, serious illness, or an inability to work as a result of long-term illness, so a customer can rest easy, sound in the knowledge that they and their family have the exact level of cover needed to see them through, once more, all at the lowest price. This covers the first two pillars, and as for the third, all claims are managed by the team on a client’s behalf, in addition to the aforementioned ongoing annual contact to make sure that the plan remains suitable. The industry has undergone a significant transformation over the past couple of years, and as Darragh explains, “in recent times, people are becoming increasingly […] aware of the value of not just protecting themselves against the financial impact of death, but to look at the impact of illness [as well].” He continues, “we are far more likely to get sick than die, and if someone is unable to work long term due to illness, it’s important to not worry about finances, and focus on getting better.” Serious illness cover from My Life Insurance is just a few clicks away, and the affordable quotes that are on offer can make the world of difference in the event that something bad happens. Aside from just its life insurance and serious illness cover options, My Life Insurance also offers income protection, paying a customer a replacement income in the event that they are ever rendered unable to work due to illness, accident, or injury. Regardless of the services chosen, clients are afforded an equal standard of excellence, something underpinned by the company’s Irish location. Leveraging the benefits of operating in a small country, this team have established close partnerships with all of the insurance partners operating in this space. For Darragh, “when I see insurance agents in the U.S. for instance, they have hundreds of insurance partners. Too many options can lead to indecision, and in turn not doing anything.” Since My Life Insurance’s team are united by a common mindset, the culture that exists is competitive but friendly. Darragh explains, “each member pushes [the] other[s] on, and the environment is very supportive.” When it comes to this team managing interactions with customers, the favoured method is to give the same calibre of advice that one would give to their own family member. As an example of the ongoing proactive approach that is taken in achieving this, Darragh tells us about the launching of the MLI Investment Club, something that is set to take place later in 2024. Through this, families will be able to take full advantage of their savings, maximising things such as educational funds for their children. In closing, My Life Insurance’s commitment to its clients is unwavering, its support phenomenal, and its advice stellar. As a result of these combined elements, we are proud to name the business as the Most Customer-Focused Insurance Broker 2024 in these anual Irish Enterprise Awards. Contact: Darragh O'Connor Company: My Life Insurance Web Address: Feb24274