Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 Best Stationary & Homeware Design Company 2024 Located in Ballinrobe, Country Mayo is VG Designs IE, a small and boutique business with a specialty that lies in crafting a series of exemplary personalised stationary and homeware that is perfect for any occasion, particularly those extra special ones such as weddings and christenings. Underpinned by a commitment to delivering the highest-quality products that are wholly tailored to the requests of the customer, this design company serves as the go-to place for those in search of thoughtful, meticulously crafted items, the standout being its range of custom-made, quality candles. Spurred on by an innate passion for creativity and a careful eye for design, VG Designs IE works tirelessly to ensure that each of its signature personalised candles stands as an attention-grabbing masterpiece, crafted with care and a faultless attention to detail, all the while using nothing less than the finest materials that the market has to offer. Of course, the offerings of this tremendous small business go much further than candles, and whether the product in question is for an anniversary, birthday, wedding, or other special event, everything across this range has been designed with similar excellence, providing a touch of uniquity to celebrations of any size or scope. At the helm of this operation is mum, wife, and VG Designs IE’s creator, Veronika Lebedjoka. In the day, Veronika is an office worker, but during the evenings she spends her time creating these fantastic and personalised items that add the finishing touches to some of life’s most important days. As Veronika states, “I’m passionate about designing [and] creating things for your big life events. Every piece in our store has been created with love.” On the back of this, it is the mission of this business to be able to fill every notable celebration with a beautiful piece that it as unique and special as the person or event that being is celebrated. It is for this reason that there is such an emphasis placed on candles, which do more than simply provide a source of light and smell nice. Rather, they function as a multi-faceted symbol, spanning hope, love, remembrance, celebration, and everything in between. By providing its personalised candles for a number of occasions, these items encapsulate a moment in a way that nothing else can, forming a lasting memory in the process that sparks joy every time it is looked at. Thanks to the aforementioned commitment to quality synonymous with VG Designs IE, this keepsake can be cherished for years to come, looking as bright and vibrant as it did on the day it was made. Currently, approximately 100 different sorts of candle grace the company’s online store, spanning such occasions as weddings, christenings, remembrance, naming days, Christmas, and more. To go with any of these candles, a series of holders are too available, notably the new three-piece set that comes in either silver or gold, perfectly complementing a customer’s home and standing as a terrific place to proudly display one’s personalised souvenir of a most significant day. Beyond just candles, there are products on offer that help a parent or guardian keep track of their child’s early years, such as a milestone blanket, milestone chalkboard, and a first-year memory jar, making saving cherished memories easier than ever before. Furthermore, VG Designs IE has of all the items to truly elevate a wedding day, with some of the favourites being its alternatives to traditional guest books. These include a drop-top frame whereby people drop in little wooden hearts that they have written on, a blank wooden jigsaw in the shape of a heart, a wishing tree that sees messages put on hanging hearts from its branches, wooden blocks in the form of a tower, a message in a bottle offering, and finally, a plain white globe, that once filled with messages of love, is sure to serve as the centrepiece of whatever room it is placed in. For those after something more traditional, standard guest books are also available, as are wedding post/memory boxes, and much more. Customer reviews always provide an accurate insight into the quality of a small business such as this, and with VG Designs IE boasting an incredibly impressive 4.9/5 from almost 350 reviews on Etsy, the high calibre nature of these products are clear to see, and they are certain to brighten up any occasion and then act as a prized, precious memory for many years to come. Contact: Veronika Lebedjoka Company: VG Designs IE Web Address: Feb24052