Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

Jul22493 53. Jul22493 Based in Dublin, World of Brows has become a leading force in the Permanent Makeup industry, providing clients with consistently perfect results. Prior to launching World of Brows, owner Andreea Madosa had made her name as an award-winning beautician trained in all things brows. Her passion lies in enhancing brows and creating bespoke looks tailored to each client’s unique facial features. Alongside her team, Andreea has established World of Brows as the preferred choice and received our award for Permanent Make-Up Artists of the Year. For years, Andreea has been gracefully shaping and restructuring brows, providing her with the keen insight for detail necessary to deliver striking permanent make up. In 2019, Andreea discovered her love for PMU after training with international renowned Permanent Make Up Artist, Edyta Manys. After becoming fully qualified in 2020, Andreea quickly became an influential Ombré Powder Brows micropigmentation artist. She now specialises in the Ombré Powder Brows method, lips pigmentation, and eyeliner pigmentation. With her precise approach, Andreea delivers exceptional treatments that perfectly complement patrons’ distinct features and personal style. Permanent makeup provides a long-lasting solution for those seeking to enhance their natural beauty and achieve a more confident look. World of Brows has refined a unique approach that allows the company to thrive within a competitive industry. Its unwavering commitment to personalisation and care ensures every client receives a bespoke and excellent customer experience. World of Brows provides its team with continuous training and education in order to remain abreast of industry trends and deliver consistently high-quality makeup. By leveraging the latest technology and techniques, the business can ensure it exceeds clients’ expectations and delivers natural looking results. Cristina Maier, one valued client, shares, “I'm blown away by the results and in love with my eyebrows. The professionalism, efficiency, and pure kindness with which Andreea conducts herself is amazing. I can't recommend World of Brows enough! My eyebrows look a million times better than what I ever could've envisioned. I'm looking forward to returning for more treatments and will be referring all my family and friends. I am very impressed with my results.” At World of Brows, personalisation is key and from the initial consultation, the team strives to understand clients’ objectives and concerns. Taking the time to listen and collaborate with individuals ensures that the team instils patrons with the confidence to look and feel their best. Whether seeking beautifully sculped brows, lip blush for a boost of natural colour, or eyeliner to add depth, World of Brows possesses the expertise to create enhancements that are effortlessly flawless. With its bespoke approach and commitment to excellence, the company offers a revolutionary solution designed to save clients valuable time and money while accentuating their natural beauty. Andreea Madosa says, “We're always attuned to the latest trends and developments. Currently, we're witnessing a surge in demand for natural-looking enhancements, such as microblading for brows and subtle lip blushes. In Ireland specifically, there's a growing interest in sustainable and organic pigments, reflecting a broader trend towards eco-conscious beauty practices. We actively engage with the local community to understand evolving preferences and deliver tailored solutions that exceed expectations.” Being based in Ireland provides World of Brows with many benefits, particularly in the Permanent Makeup industry. Dublin boosts a strong community with a dynamic network of beauty professionals who are eager to collaborate and educate others, fostering an environment of learning and innovation. Ireland embraces inclusion and with its diverse population, provides numerous opportunities for artists to elevate their skills to meet varying aesthetic preferences. World of Brows prides itself on Ireland’s rich culture which allows the team to draw inspiration from its stunning landscape and cultural diversity. With its steadfast dedication to client-centric service, World of Brows seeks to empower individuals with natural, long-lasting enhancements. Led by the talented Andreea Madosa, the team offers a personalised service that works with clients’ facial features to complement their style and personality. Recognised in this year’s Irish Enterprise Awards, World of Brows is passionate about sharing the artistry of Permanent Makeup with others and delivering exceptional results that leave clients feeling like the best versions of themselves. Contact: Andreea Madosa Company: World Of Brows Web Address: Permanent Make-Up Artists of the Year 2024 Jan24757