Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

Jul22493 57. Jul22493 A sanctuary for beauty, care, and compassion can be found in the heart of Malahide, Dublin in the form of Luscious Makeup & Hair Ltd, a full-service salon that has been built atop the principles of empathy, expertise, and empowerment. Specialising in enhancing a client’s natural beauty and boosting their confidence through its excellent suite of services, Owner Melissa Harris is proud to be a leading hair loss/wig specialist, solidifying this commitment to crafting a space that understands, supports, and empowers. We catch up with Melissa to find out more about this fantastic salon and its services. Personalising the support that it affords to clients based on their unique needs, Luscious Makeup & Hair is distinguished from other salons thanks to the unique combination of expertise, empathy, and tailored care that it offers, something reflected in the host of positive feedback Melissa receives. Beyond just the traditional beauty treatments, the “full-service” element of this award is on display not only through the aforementioned area of speciality concerning hair loss solutions and wigs, but also the wedding beauty services that are provided, showcasing a commitment to creating a memorable, uplifting client experience. As a result of current industry trends, which encompass the areas of increased personalisation through AI/AR, shifts towards a sustainable ethos/eco-friendly beauty products, as well as other such technological innovations that are dominating society more widely, Luscious Makeup & Hair strives to remain ahead of the curve to continue to offer nothing less than the best for its clients. As Melissa tells us, “this proactive approach ensures that Luscious Makeup & Hair is at the forefront of the industry, poised to meet the evolving demands of consumers and provide innovative beauty services, inclusive of specialised hair loss solutions.” Throughout Ireland, demand for such a personal level of service is too on the rise. Thus, being situated in the country comes with many benefits for this team, first and foremost, the terrific sense of community and support on offer. Furthermore, Melissa explains, “the strong appreciation for artistic expression and creativity in Ireland also plays a significant role in fostering an environment conducive to the innovative beauty and hair services [we offer].” Since the beautiful seaside town of Malahide also plays host to many weddings and other special occasions, the salon is afforded ample opportunity to offer its terrific services to a thriving local industry. Whether a client is visiting the salon for one such special occasion or is there for any of the other terrific services available, they will bear witness to a culture defined by empathy, professionalism, and continuous learning, the results of which yield happy customers and a strong brand reputation. Melissa explains that such a terrific status within the community is beneficial when it comes to the complex task of hiring, stating, “Luscious Makeup & Hair can overcome these challenges by leveraging its strong reputation, offering attractive career development opportunities, and fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace culture to attract top talent.” On May 10th this year, the salon will reach a terrific milestone, as it will have been open for three years, something Melissa describes as a “poignant moment that signified the reopening of salons after the challenges of the pandemic.” This accomplishment is extra special for Melissa, as shortly after the salon was first opened, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. As she reflects, “this unexpected health challenge undoubtedly impacted our journey and may have slowed our progress at times.” However, as Melissa continues, “I witnessed the extraordinary strength and dedication of my team, […] their unwavering commitment and ability to come together in solidarity.” Thus, the journey that Luscious Makeup & Hair Ltd has been on serves as a story of determination, unity, and unwavering support, reflecting the natural strength of the human spirit and the power of being surrounded by loving, positive influences, something that transcends just her team and extends to also include the salon’s clients. Leveraging this united front, the future is set to hold further expansion, with this hair extensions specialist working on establishing a consumer base for its own planned range of wholesale and retail products. In closing, Melissa signs off by saying, “as industry changes and trends continue, […] we are steadfast in our dedication to offering innovative beauty services and fostering an inclusive and positive work environment. We look forward to the opportunities and growth that lie ahead, and we remain resolute in our mission to provide exceptional beauty experiences.” Contact: Melissa Harris Company: Luscious Makeup & Hair Ltd Web Address: https://www. Best Full-Service Makeup & Hair Specialist 2024 - Dublin Jan24565