Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 Automotive Dealership of the Year 2024 - County Laois As a culmination of Michael Cummins’ extensive background in the detailed world of mechanics, Cummins Motor Group is a local, family-run business that has spent over a decade mastering the art of servicing and selling automotives. Despite opening its doors in the midst of the biggest recession Ireland has seen in decades, the company gradually built itself up to become a bustling workshop that’s earned itself quite the reputation. Below, we explore how Cummins Motor Group’s immense experience in selling and servicing vehicles has culminated in a dealership simply brimming with excellence. Priding itself on its excellent customer service and impeccable attention to detail, Cummins Motor Group is a business that has earned its place within the industry through hard work, determination, and a continuous display of unparalleled talent. Having spent fourteen years servicing, and ten years selling, various vehicles within the local area, it has quickly become a dependable workshop upon which individuals can truly rely. Partnered with the fact that the vast majority of its clientele has originated from recommendations and word of mouth, it’s abundantly clear that Cummins Motor Group is an automotive dealership that’s exclusively for the people. It's this very nature that sets Cummins Motor Group apart in such a bustling industry. Where most have to lean on advertisement and online marketing, Cummins Motor Group instead lets its quality speak for itself – its excellent, experienced staff are the backbone of all it does, and it’s thanks to them that the business is able to so capably promise brilliance throughout each and every project. Regardless of the services it’s carrying out, the dealership’s highly qualified technicians and top class parts and service advisors go above and beyond for every customer. These individuals truly recognise how essential it is to earn the favour of clients through exceptional services, and have developed methodologies that oversee them taking ample time to channel their expertise into even the most specific of requests. This astounding commitment is further exemplified through Cummins Motor Group’s recent identification of enquiries relating to electric vehicles. With more and more people starting to gravitate toward purchasing and owning electric vehicles, the dealership has aptly sent its technicians on as many EV focused training courses as it can find. In doing so, it has managed to keep itself at the very forefront of innovation, with its expertise immediately expanding depending on the demands of clients. In fact, last year, Cummins Motor Group became the proud owner of the ‘EV Dealership of the Year’ award for Laois – an accolade that perfectly showcases just how far the dealership’s hard work and attentiveness has gone. As a relatively small business, Cummins Motor Group benefits from a closeness with clients that can’t be topped. Through each member of its team, it manages to establish bonds upon which customers can rely in a pinch, should they require guidance, advice, or even just a daily chat. Regardless, Cummins Motor Group is eager to interact with new and old clients alike, allowing it to steadily accumulate a community within which every person involved can truly thrive. The Cummins Motor Group family thrives most when giving its time and attention to those in need, and has even built a coffee station for any customer that may wish to have a leisurely chat about their vehicle with an amicable technician. In short, Cummins Motor Group is a people-centric collective whose exceptionality simply enhances the experience. Though its expertise may have been what put it on the map, it’s the relationships it has cultivated with locals that has truly elevated it to the next level. In creating plenty of connections throughout Laois, its clientele is growing faster than ever before, and yet it still remains incredibly humble despite this impressive growth. It’s for this very reason that Cummins Motor Group has been recognised time and time again, and we look forward to seeing what exciting plans it intends to bring to life throughout 2024. Contact: Michael Cummins Company: Cummins Motor Group Web Address: Jan24595