Irish Enterprise Awards 2024

Jul22546 EU Business News- Irish Enterprise Awards 2024 everaging the core elements of graphic design more broadly to guide him across this endeavour, Kieran Galwey prioritises visual communication and creative designs, as well as communication in the more honest sense, which is an essential element when it comes to development success across the design process. As Kieran states, “my designs should convey information in an authentic, straightforward and understandable manner, ensuring that the intended message is easily comprehended by all.” Thus, across his services, attention to detail is valued, resulting in effective solutions that yield customer satisfaction at every turn, something that is of the uppermost priority for Kieran. He mentions, “in all my business interactions, I uphold professionalism and integrity, maintaining transparency, honesty, and ethical conduct in every principal of my practices.” This dedication to clients is guided by the elements of a trust and reliability, and it is the blending of the two that results in Time for Graphics being a trusted partner. Expanding further on this, Kieran tells us, “dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, I prioritise understanding and meeting the needs of each individual. By actively listening, through effect design process, while promoting collaboration, I ensure the best possible outcome for my customers.” This ties in nicely to Time for Graphics’ primary mission, which is simply, “to empower businesses and organisations to achieve their goals through strategic and impactful visual communication.” Bold visual designs are key to its clients standing out in a competitive, crowded marketplace, and Kieran’s work has the power to inspire, form, and connect, whether it be a new branding for your start-up business or elevate your existing marketing strategy. Like so many creatives, Kieran finds himself to be deeply invested in every project that he undertakes, leveraging his creativity, passion, and expertise from the inception of a design through to its completion. Since Kieran’s experience spans more than a decade operating in this landscape, he works to provide positive experiences with his clients. As he explains, “satisfied clients not only contribute to the success of my business but also serve as invaluable ambassadors, organically spreading the word, and amplifying my brand’s reach.” “Ultimately, my goal is to be recognised as a trusted graphic design and visionary leader, known for my authentic, innovation, integrity, and unwavering dedication to my craft.” Best Graphic Design Company 2024 - County Kerry & Customer Service Excellence Award A Kerry business, Time for Graphics, provides innovative and visionary designs for all brands or business’s needs. An exemplary graphic design provider based in the Farranfore area of Country Kerry. Founder, Owner, and Graphic Designer Kieran Galwey partners with new and established businesses of all sizes, working on logos and all your branding in both digital and print. We had the pleasure of speaking with Kieran to find out more. L Contact: Kieran Galwey Company: Time For Graphics Web Address: Jan24767 What truly differentiates Time for Graphics in this space is its unique fusion of creativity and meticulous craftsmanship, all underpinned by an unwavering commitment to excellence, a client-centric approach to business, and the guaranteeing of a positive experience from start to finish. Moreover, Kieran strives to go above and beyond simply traditional graphic design, rather offering clients added value through the power of strategic branding, marketing consultation, and ongoing design support, the combination of which solidifies the business and its frontman as a true partner in the success of his clients. An approach to client service as varied as this is of paramount importance when it comes to solidifying one’s future in this environment, with the field of graphic design being defined by its ever-evolving nature. Kieran describes the observation of such trends as “fascinating”, particularly when it comes to the recent favouring of a minimalist approach to design, something that stands in direct contrast to the vivid designs that were sought out just a few short years ago. Far from the first time that the distinction of both Kieran and Time for Graphics has been celebrated, Kieran is delighted to announce that he has recently been recognised as a Rising Star in Graphic Design by the renowned All-Ireland Business Foundation. In being bestowed with this honour, Time for Graphics joins approximately 650 other small- and medium-sized businesses that represent the best of what their respective sectors have to offer. As Kieran revels in the celebrations for this, as well as his Irish Enterprise and Customer Service Excellence awards, he still very much has his eye on the future. As Time for Graphics continues to embrace the limitless power of customisation and the attraction of every creation that lines its portfolio will serve as a masterpiece, “infused with passion and purpose, waiting to ignite the imaginations of those who encounter it”, as Kieran explains. Whatever the future holds, Kieran stands ready to partake on his own journey of discovery, leveraging the power of personalisation. Ultimately, every design that Kieran carefully crafts is an embodiment of his passion, dreams, and continuing story, and we could not be happier to celebrate him, and Time for Graphics, with this duo of awards.