Q2 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2022 13 , Feb22390 volutionary technology is purely the product of large firms, pushing the boundaries. It also comes from small teams wanting to find simple solutions. sayTEC AG started with one person’s idea, Yakup Saygin, and grew from there. Yakup was recognised for his efforts in EU Business News’ German CEO Excellence Awards 2022, where he was named IT Infrastructure Security CEO of the Year 2022: Yakup Saygin. We thought it time to take a closer look in order to discover more. Great ideas are hard to come by, and in Germany this is especially true. Everyone wants the next big thing, but they want it to have been tried and tested for the last twenty years. This simply isn’t possible in the word of security. With security concerns constantly evolving, the ways in which we protect people must too. sayTEC AG has developed two revolutionary technologies that ensure internal and external network security, maximum access protection and availability of data, applications and systems. sayFUSE and sayTRUST are truly impressive products, offering a comprehensive solution to most of today’s most important IT problems. Working in the fields of Network and Remote Access Security, Backup & Restore, Disaster Recovery, Highly Secure Private and Public Cloud, Ultra Converged Infrastructures, the team have been able to secure incredible success. The success of sayTEC's technologies is mainly due to the tireless efforts of Yakup Saygin. The foundation of the company is the focus on the specific needs of the IT world. The needs of the customers have inspired the team of engineers and scientists to develop unique solutions. New, increasing demands from customers, combined with many new security challenges, show that there is plenty of potential for those who are willing to develop new ideas and innovative technologies. Yakup’s team not only protects the IT infrastructure of public authorities, sites and ministries, but also of small and large companies. They ensure high performance, maximum security and scalability. The growth of the business over the years has matched demand from technology and sales partners. The team don’t simply provide solutions, however. They take the time to ensure that they are trained and certified to the highest possible standards. In this way, they are able to embrace a comprehensive security solution. Until relatively recently, much IT security has focused on human-human and humanmachine relationships. The expansion of digital transformation, AI, growing data volumes, self-learning, networked and independently communicating machines not only bring new opportunities, but increases the risks involved exponentially. To meet today's and tomorrow's requirements, new technologies are essential. The service that Yakup has always encouraged is one which doesn’t follow conventional lines, therefore. He is always looking to empower his team to break new ground. Looking forward, it’s clear that Yakup’s approach of thinking up practical ideas that benefit people working on the ground has been one of the keys to his continued success. In the future, he aims to continue working along these lines, offering the solutions that mega corporations depend upon, but would never think of for themselves. What is clear is that smaller companies are leading the way forward. In the near future, he and his team will continue to build their partner structure in order to meet enquiries, whilst expanding their security solutions to a broader audience. This will mean providing ways of protecting corporate data on mobile devices, for example. Already, the team are on the case. It's this eye for the future that keeps the team at sayTEC ahead of the curve. Their work is inspirational, offering a chance to get ahead of what is required when it comes to internet security. Yakup’s drive and ambition lies at the heart of this enterprise and is key to securing the company’s position for many years to come. Company: sayTEC AG Name: Yakup Saygin Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.saytec.eu Security Expert Secures Success