Q2 2022

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2022 , Best Further Education & Training Provider - Leinster A provider of exemplary training, education, and support for local people, Kilkenny and CarlowEducation and Training Board gives its community a central hub for personal and professional growth. Serving people of all age ranges and demographics, this organisation has made itself a crucial element of its local area’s development, fostering ¬the ambitions, dreams, and goals of its pupils so that they can continually strive for better, resulting a rising tide that lifts all ships. Kilkenny and Carlow Education and Training Board – or KCETB – serves the eponymous counties of Kilkenny and Carlow. With a combined population of approximately 156,164 people in the region, KCETB takes pride in serving every one of them with high-quality education and training opportunities, recognising the importance of delivering education to all demographics within its community. Fundamentally, it believes that there should be no barriers to education for those who wish to seek Mar22294 it out, developing its patterns of service delivery in response to its students’ needs, requirements, and challenges. All of this helps it to follow its vision of developing high-quality education for its leaners, helping them to strive for further personal or professional growth no matter their age or previous education, supporting them through all stages of lifelong learning. Thus, its mission of enabling learners to reach their potential is further reached, and it takes great pride in seeing those who have partaken in its courses go on to do great things in the local area and further afield. Being the largest provider of education, training, and youth work opportunities in its two counties, it has become a pillar of the community. Therefore, it works hard to live up to this in every programme and course it develops, providing a diverse range of services at second level, further education, training, and youth work levels, focused within local venues of learning. At KCETB, it strives to excellence within itself, knowing that in order to create excellence in its learners, it must first show this in its curriculum. Taking an outcome-focused outlook on learning, it works with its pupils to draw out their individual goals and desires, tailoring itself to fit each learner so that they can participate in KCETB’s services with confidence. Additionally, with a range of administrative supports in place, it underpins its education and training services across areas of finance, human resources, ICT, and corporate services with empathetic and sensitive support structures. Made up of strong team leaders, teachers, administrators, and support staff, it is excited to keep building itself into the best organisation it can be as it moves into the future, further developing its effective workforce plans, supportive leadership development, and culture of personal growth. Serving an expanding industrial base and financial industry within its area, it is proud to be a part of one of Ireland’s fastest growing regions, hoping to continue being a linchpin of this community for many years to come. Company: Kilkenny and Carlow Education and Training Board Contact: Martha Bolger Website: kkadulted.ie