Q2 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2022 7 , Dec21187 Non-Surgical Orthopaedic Medicine Specialists of the Year 2021 - Southwest Germany An orthopaedic practice operating out of Germany and with an in-depth, ingrained dedication to patient health, the Orthopädische Praxis Dr Breitenbacher is a facility dedicated to holistic and non-invasive treatments. Making itself a partner to its client’s health, wellbeing, and happiness, it focuses on getting to know each and every one of themon a personal level, working hard to investigate the challenges they are facing and to offer non-surgical, effective, and well-rounded services that will help them to resolve their discomfort and pain. The Orthopädische Praxis Dr Breitenbacher – the orthopaedic practice of Dr Breitenbacher – extends its warm welcome out to clients new and old every day, working hard to provide an exemplary solution for holistic and regenerative non-surgical orthopaedics. Operating out of an outstanding clinic in the southwest of Germany, its well-established team of specialists make up an outstanding collection of competencies, and the clinic sets itself the goal of providing the best possible care using the expertise of these professionals, working as a unit to share knowledge and perspectives. This allows Dr Breitenbacher’s staff to provide the most exemplary and nuanced care. Fundamentally, focusing on regenerative and non-invasive therapies means that it can bring to bear some of the latest and greatest innovations in the orthopaedic industry, using these to introduce clients to a whole new way to look after their skeletomuscular health. Its medical devices, each of which have been rigorously tested and are strictly maintained, are each the latest generation and model of what they are, implemented hand-in-hand with treatment concepts that allow it to detect their problems quickly and efficiently. This, empowered by the expertise of its professionals, allows it to detect problems quickly and efficiently, able to move on from there to develop treatment plans that will help the client to regain control over their care and take back their lives with confidence. It is always happy to take the time needed with a client to investigate exactly what is troubling them and find the best solution that will be both immediately helpful and sustainable in the long term, of the opinion that an optimal result requires trust and patience. Therefore, it works hard to build this with a client. Over the course of working with Dr Breitenbacher’s staff, a patient will get to know the team inside and out, and the team will get to know them, resulting in a friendly and motivated environment that clients feel safe and looked after in. The eponymous Dr Breitenbacher himself has been the founding impetus behind this focus, ensuring that each one of his staff members fits in with the wider culture of the practice and has a strict focus on client health and wellbeing as their foremost priority, no matter the service they need. Able to provide shockwave therapy, EMTT, SpineMed, spineliner, back and disc therapy, acupuncture, sports injury physiotherapy, anti-gravity running workouts, and more, it has built its position as a front runner of its industry over the years, something it promises to maintain as it moves into the future. Company: Orthopädische Praxis Dr Breitenbacher Contact: Ivo Breitenbacher Website: https://www.breitenbacher.de/ Orthopädische Praxis Dr Breitenbacher